If you are looking for the best affordable makeup brush sets, you have come to the right place. Our vision here at Featherstroke is to enable every woman to create her perfect portrait and enjoy the confidence of just knowing that her grooming is always of a professional standard.

Here Are 5 Core Values That Make Featherstroke Makeup Brush Sets Your #1 Choice

PERFECT MAKEUP ........... GUARANTEED! - optimal cosmetic pickup, accurate placement and flawless blending and buffing are assured with our recommended makeup brush sets. Each brush provides an ideal trade-off between softness and durability as the bristles are purpose designed, being natural hair or synthetic or a combination, depending on its primary uses. Ease of use is assured as the handles are ergonomically shaped and easy to hold.

EXPLORE AND PORTRAY YOUR OWN INDIVIDUALITY. Our makeup brush sets enable you to enhance your attractiveness, by showing off your positive features in their best possible light, whilst minimizing less desirable aspects. Not only will you feel your absolute best and project a sophisticated, personal style, your makeup routine will be efficient and become an enjoyable, rewarding experience.

PEACE OF MIND ASSURED. The quality of our affordable makeup brushes is assured as they are produced by a renowned manufacturer and are backed-up by our 30 day, no nonsense money-back guarantee. Not only that, FREE ongoing support is provided - suggestions for the use each brush, care and cleaning of brushes and pouch, makeup tips and video tutorials are on our website - everything you could possibly need to guarantee that your makeup is perfect.

OVERWHELMING CUSTOMER RESPONSE. “So being a girl and loving makeup accessories the Featherstroke brushes are by far the best. I have tried out numerous makeup brushes but nothing compares to the quality and the luxury of these brushes. When applying foundation using the Foundation Brush it creates a smooth, even and flawless look a look which none of the previous brushes I have used before were able to do. I am also very impressed with the Powder Brush. It allows me to determine the application of the powder leaving me in control. Thank you for introducing me to Featherstroke". Rozanne Ras 

OUTSTANDING VALUE FOR MONEY.  A single professional makeup application by a makeup artist can cost up to $100 not to mention the additional time it takes. You can achieve the same effects with our super quality, affordable makeup brush sets, over and over again - by making a small one time investment for the entire collection!

Featherstroke brushes being individually hand-shaped and trimmed


Here Are Just A Few Features Of Our Professional Makeup Brushes


  • Designed, tested and proven by a team of professional makeup artists to create a defined, flawless finish
  • Designer shaped and trimmed for easy, precision application
  • Soft but durable with a combination of natural hair and synthetic bristles for optimal cosmetic application and blending
  • Quality assured - being SGS approved and CPSIA compliant 
  • Produced by an ISO certified manufacturer with over 12 years experience in research, development and production

Let's Get Started With Our High Quality, Affordable Makeup Brush Sets

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Our makeup brushes are organized into 4 purpose-designed, high quality sets, covering every conceivable need and circumstance.

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