10 Wierd Beauty Treatments from Around the World


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I also was reading up on fish pedicure, vampire facial, breast milk soap, snake venom cream but some are now so common that they are hardly weird- like the fish pedicure but vampire facial (Kim Kardashian tried and tested) and breast milk soaps was something too much to handle for my imagination as well.



Yesterday, I shared a post on snail slime treatment, which is now a latest fad in the beauty treatment world.This made me research on some other celeb-endorsed or otherwise, beauty treatments which were quite weird for any of us to indulge in, without a second thought.

Snail slime:

Snail slime is a kind of mucus, an external bodily secretion which is produced by snails, gastropod mollusks. Land snails and slugs produce mucus, but so does every other kind of gastropod, from marine, freshwater and terrestrial habitats. The reproductive system of gastropods also produces mucus internally from special glands.

Hay bath:

Grass enriched with herbs and heated, is used to wrap the body thereby the heat from the hay bath apparently would refresh the mind and body. Are you game for the prickly sensation?
geisha beauty

Snake massage:

I know many of us are petrified of snakes ( I am not thankfully). This treatment involves corn snakes, milk snakes and other varieties, to coil around your bare body.This is supposedly known to remove muscle pain and the fluttering feeling would be beneficial too. This originated in Israel.

Bottom facial

Now a rage in America, this facial involves a massage to tighten the derriere. Body scrubs exfoliate and massage creams are used and then micro-current therapy is used to smooth-en the skin.

Bull hair treatment:

Also known as the, ‘Viagra for hair’, this hair conditioning mask is derived from the sperm of a bull. Combined with a protein-rich Katera root, it results in smooth silky hair, how willing are you for this hair condtioner?

Sand burial:

Practiced in Japan and Egypt, sand is considered to  rejuvenate and be restorative,hence this treatment. Customers are buried neck deep in sand. Ideal place is under the sun or using the hear off the hot spring waters. Apparently it removes impurities by the sweat released by your body.

Beer bath:

In the Czech Republic, a bath is prepared with dark beer which contains yeast, grains and herbs. Apart from the beer aroma therapy, this would relax the body while you soak. I am sure it is a hot favorite with many men. :P

Placenta face cream:

Lamb placenta-based anti-ageing beauty cream… this lamb placental extract is used to make a lotion rich in nutrients and bio-stimulants. Results- smooth moisturized skin!

Bird poop facial:

This treatment is apparently one of the ancient secrets behind Geisha beauty. Powdered nightingale droppings were used to remove the make up which made the faces, porcelain white but apparently had a brightening, healing effect and gave the skin a pearly luster as well. Tom Cruise is apparently a fan ..

Cactus massage;

This  massage involves cactus paddies with the spikes removed thankfully :P .  A mixture of cactus oils then  is eased on the skin, using this cactus.


Source : Makeup and Beauty


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