11 Habits That Will Ultimately Destroy Your Face


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Do you have any solutions to some of life’s beauty blunders? What about any home remedies? Let us know what you think and don’t be afraid to give us some advice as well. We’d love to hear it!



#1) Sleeping in Makeup

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Sleeping in makeup is a major no-no. If you feel to tired to wash your face before you slumber, opt for moist wipes that are made for such.

#2) Skipping Sunscreen in the Winter

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Although the sun is lower, you still need sunscreen, especially if you plan to be outside all day.

#3) Wearing the Wrong Foundation Shade

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Choose the right foundation to blend flawlessly into your natural skin tone for a seamless finish. If you have an uneven complexion, you can opt to wear concealer.

#4) Using Expired Mascara

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Old mascara Is filled with bacteria, so be sure to swap it out at least every 3 months if you want to avoid pink eye.

#5) Over plucking

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Fuller eyebrows are youthful and better flatter your face. If you must prune your eyebrows, just tweaze the first layer for a natural look. Anything over that boundary and you run the risk of looking perpetually surprised.

#6) Bleaching 

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Bleaching, it’s a precarious situation. You can either look avane garde or like Mona Lisa. When it comes to the eyebrows, there really isn’t any other direction to go.

#7) Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

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Applying makeup with filthy brushes is like wiping your face with a used trash bag. Wash with warm soapy water, weekly to avoid bacteria buildup.

#8) Mismatched Liner



Liner that matches your hair color is never a good look.

#9) Botox

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wrinkle-free skin can be obtained in other ways, like staying out of the sun and protecting your skin.

#10) Smoking Cigarettes

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Nothing good ever comes from smoking. You’re not doing your looks any favors either.

11.) Picking Pimples

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Picking pimples causes bacteria to go even deeper into your skin causing scarring and pits. Not pretty.

There you have it ladies, 11 solutions to 11 very prevalent skin problems-easy and quite simple. 


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Source :  By Julie Redwood

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