15 Skin Care Myths That Have To Be Busted


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In this age of internet, apps, and beauty magazines, tips and advice are available at our fingertips. Before trying out anything new in our beauty regimen, it is always good to have our facts checked for what all really work. There are also many timeless things that we follow blindly.  Here are few of the top beauty misconceptions that have been around for a while. I know it’s very hard for us to digest all of this. But once you dig in deep, you will understand that it’s better late than never. These myths definitely need busting. Here goes!

15 Skin Care Myths That Have To Be Busted


 Myth 1:

I have applied sunscreen, now I can go in the sun without fear.

Most often we don’t apply the right amount of sunscreen resulting in only a fraction of the protection stated on the sunscreen. Throw in a hat, cover your body, and use an umbrella in addition to applying sunscreen.

Myth 2: Toning is an important step of my skin care routine:

15 Skin Care Myths That Have To Be Busted

Toners and astringents should be avoided by almost all skin types, especially those that are alcohol based. Agreed they remove the bad oils, but they don’t know any differentiation, they strip the skin of ALL oils, good or bad. If you feel you require toning to remove traces left, it’s time to change your cleanser.

Myth 3: Facials can do wonders for my skin:

15 Skin Care Myths That Have To Be Busted

While the pampering can give you a “I-feel-happy glow” and the massage can boost blood circulation leading to a physical glow, facials give no long-term skin benefit beyond relaxation. On the contrary, facials actually cause acne and breakouts in a large fraction of people.

Myth 4: Anti-aging products can wipe away my wrinkles:

The effect that you see is due to the hydration and plumping out of skin making it look better temporarily. There are however exceptions – tropical retinoids, glycolic acid and vitamin C. These can penetrate the skin and increase cell turnover.

Myth 5: Natural ingredients are better for my skin:

15 Skin Care Myths That Have To Be Busted

Just because an ingredient is found in nature doesn’t make it good for skin and just because it is synthetic doesn’t make it bad. Bitter almonds are found in nature and are poisonous. Get the idea?

Myth 6: My blackheads can be scrubbed away:

15 Skin Care Myths That Have To Be Busted

Using a topical scrub removes the top head of the blackhead that is outside the skin, but does nothing to its underlying body, so it is back again before long. Instead of a scrub, try BHA exfoliants that penetrate the pore lining and dissolve oil and dead skin cells.

Myth 7: Scrubs can help control my acne:

Scrubbing will destroy the acne tissue thus causing scarring and can spread the bacteria to uninfected pores.

Myth 8: Dry skin can be moisturized if I drink more water:

15 Skin Care Myths That Have To Be Busted

In dry skin, the intracellular matrix has become depleted or damaged. Drinking water won’t keep that moisture in the skin unless the outer barrier is maintained or repaired.

Myth 9: Steam or hot water opens pores:

15 Skin Care Myths That Have To Be Busted

Steam only loosens hardened dirt, oil and makeup within pores, allowing for better cleansing.

Myth 10 – My products have built-in SPF. I don’t need a separate sunscreen:

Due to the product’s consistency and chemistry, it would take almost 5 times the normal amount of product used to get the desired amount of sun protection.

Myth 11 – Shaving makes hair grow back thicker:

15 Skin Care Myths That Have To Be Busted

When the hair grows back, the blunt edges that you had shaved off all regrow at the same time, so there’s an appearance of them being thicker, but there’s no difference in the diameter or the density of the hair.

Myth 12 – It’s good when my products tingle the skin:

The sensation is actually your skin responding to irritation, resulting in inflammation.

Myth 13 – I should switch my skin care products often because my skin adapts to it:

You might stop noticing as much improvement as you did initially because your skin needed more help during the first few months and now your skin is so much healthier than it was before.

Myth 14 – Toothpaste is an effective spot treatment to pop that zit:

15 Skin Care Myths That Have To Be Busted

While toothpaste does dry out a pimple, the fluoride in it can damage the skin by over-drying it and even causing tingling and burning, which can leave red scars.

Myth 15 – Expensive skin care products are the best:

Most active ingredients found in creams are similar, whether they are sold by a local store or a luxury cosmetic brand. It is mainly the feel, smell, and packaging that attracts us to the expensive ones.

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