More – Less

Makeup Tip of the Week Something else that is critical to using brushes effectively — even though it may seem insignificant at first — is the way you pick up the powder on your brush before you apply it. Never mash or rub your brush into the powder. Rather, gently place your brush into the powder […]

You don’t need to change your makeup technique

Makeup Tip of the Week Tools and products are just as important as your makeup skills. If you use mediocre brushes, mediocre products and have average makeup skills, for example, by just improving the quality of your brushes and using richer pigmented products, the application would immediately improve, without even changing your technique. If you […]

Superb brushes: Happy Amazon Client

Featherstroke 4 piece Ultimate Big Brush Set excellent value for money     URL: Rating: 5.0 Title: Just impressed! (They’re WAY bigger than you think) Author: Katy Lake Content: Travel brush sets, on the whole, are crummy. The handles are too short, the manufacturers make no effort with the brush, and they last about […]

Confused: makeup brushes

Watch video which is a guide to the different fibers and shapes of makeup brushes

Makeup: oily shine

How to Apply Makeup to Oily Skin Every month, a variety of models and pop icons beam from the covers of fashion magazines. Their faces seem to glow around their smiles, but for most people, the first hint of shine means that oil is yet again seeping through their makeup. If you feel that your […]