Adding Definition To the Eyes

Makeup Tip For the More Mature Eyes Just as you can use highlights and shadows to contour your face, you can use the same technique to alter your eye shape, by using  light and shadow to change them. If you want to add definition, sweep a light bronzer through the crease of the eye – […]

Using Powder Brush

Makeup Tip on Using Makeup Brushes Something  that is critical to using brushes effectively — even though it may seem insignificant at first — is the way you pick up the powder on your brush before you apply it. Never mash or rub your brush into the powder. Rather, gently place your brush into the powder […]

Wow! Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows frame the eyes which, arguably are the most facial feature.  Therefore, they deserve particular attention.  Check out this wonderful post which was shared by Joe Shervell Source : Published  Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

Applying makeup: pro level

USE THE CORRECT TOOLS TO ACHIEVE A PROFESSIONAL LOOK   Tools and products are just as important as your makeup skills. If you use mediocre brushes, mediocre products and have average makeup skills, for example, by just improving the quality of your brushes and using richer pigmented products, the application would immediately improve, without even […]

Emphasize natural eyebrows

Work The Bold Brows Emma Watson works the big, full eyebrow look Taylor Swift is also transformed by big eyebrows. Other celebs like the Duchess of Cambridge, Gwen Stefani and Megan Fox  also get bushy . A larger brow looks more polished and a skinny brow has an ageing effect Big, full brows are still […]


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