5 Holistic Steps to Take NOW if You Have Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness and pimples on your nose, cheeks and forehead.  The redness may come and go Rosy cheeks are considered by many to be an attractive feature. They are associated with beauty, femininity, youth, and good health. However, for the more than 16 million Americans who live with the […]


World’s Most Beautiful Woman

Sandra Bullock is PEOPLE’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman Actress Sandra Bullock has been named PEOPLE magazine’s most beautiful woman of 2015. The 50-year-old star joins the likes of last year’s winner Lupita Nyong’o, as well as four-time list topper Julia Roberts. Speaking to PEOPLE, the actress was quick to downplay the title, saying she doesn’t […]


Top 10 Most Beautiful Eyes Female Celebrities

The world’s top 10 most beautiful eyes. Who are the top 10 most Beautiful Eyes female celebrities in the world? Eyes are the most expressive feature of your face. A woman’s eyes are her best asset. She can show her emotions and moods through her eyes. It is much difficult to find the most beautiful eyes. We […]

Vampire Facial controversy

Kim Kardashian’s ‘vampire facial’ is a Hollywood hit that promises younger, firmer-looking skin Her spa procedure is splattered all over her reality TV show, but was it played up for the cameras? KIMKARDASHIAN VIA INSTAGRAM Kim Kardashian has a Vampire Facelift on camera for ‘KIm and Kourtney Take Miami.’ Keeping up with the Kardashians is […]

10 Wierd Beauty Treatments from Around the World

I also was reading up on fish pedicure, vampire facial, breast milk soap, snake venom cream but some are now so common that they are hardly weird- like the fish pedicure but vampire facial (Kim Kardashian tried and tested) and breast milk soaps was something too much to handle for my imagination as well.   Yesterday, […]

The Secret To Perfect Eyeliner

Are you comfortable applying eyeshadow – if not this trick will help. Idon’t know about you, but this handy makeup trick is going to revolutionize the way that I do my makeup from now on. I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of this trick before. Putting on eyeliner can be one of the hardest […]


5 Simple Tricks To Use Baby Powder For Enhancing Your Beauty

Have you ever used a single product work in multiple ways? This comes true, especially when you are refused to take up your makeup whims, isn’t it? So, today we have a makeup lesson, which will tell you how you can use a simple baby powder in 5 unique ways apart from just using it […]

Magic Makeup

Anti Ageing Makeup Tricks  Source : Visually

The 50-something woman’s guide to beauty

Check out our beauty guide for the over fifties (and fabulous!)…. From the colour and density of your hair to the texture of your skin, your body goes through many changes as you age – and these changes become more and more visible over time. It’s just natural – but don’t fret! There are loads […]