Beauty Tips for New Moms

Beauty Tips for New Moms As a new mother, the only thing that used to be on my mind was sleep, everyone says, sleep is a thing of history once you have a baby, and no sleep means a toll on your eyes and skin besides everything else, worry not this festive season and check […]

Train Yourself to Sleep on Your Back

Train Yourself to Sleep on Your Back (It’s Easier Than You Think) Is your sleep position unknowingly ageing you? Sleeping on your back might seem impossible if you’re a habitual side or stomach sleeper, but the beauty benefits are huge. Sleeping any other way but face up accelerates the formation of sleep-related wrinkles from the repeated, […]

Japanese Beauty Secrets

I have been obsessed about how amazing Japanese women’s skin can be! I hear they take care of their skin and hair meticulously. Traditional Japanese beauty products are simple and natural, made from things such as rice bran, seaweed, azuki beans and squalane oil and nuka rice bran. Natural grains and mineral clays: The Japanese […]

Using Kabuki Brushes

7 Different Ways of Using a Kabuki Brush by ALKA KUMAR on MAY 27, 2015 · Hello Fashionistas, Today I am back with a very interesting article, “7 different ways of using a Kabuki brush”. Read on to know what those unique ways are and how you can add them in your beauty routine. By […]

Eye Makeup for Glasses Wearers

Gorgeous eye makeup for those wearing glasses. I’ve been dwelling on glasses makeup for A LONG TIME now. Since I don’t wear glasses my knowledge was limited so I ordered some clear ones, started studying photos and celebs, and did some practice. My brother in law Carl has been wearing clear (AKA faux) glasses for […]


Bridal Make-Up Tips

Bridal Make-Up Tips: The 10 Dos And Don’ts You NEED To Pay Attention To You’ve got the dress sorted, now it’s time to think about wedding beauty. We’ve put together these 20 bridal make-up tips, with a little help from the experts, to make sure you look flawless on your big day. Simply say ‘I […]



Does your man know the mysteries of beauty products? When it comes to beauty products, most men know very little. So we thought it would be fun to see how well our very own Luke knows his lipstick from his nail polish. Basically, he was given a selection of beauty products (with the names hidden), […]

Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets

Ancient Egypt has forever enthralled and amazed me. My heart still races with passion at the thought of Ancient Egyptian civilization. Right from my childhood, I have been fascinated about the pyramids and tombs and pharaohs and their clothing and jewelry (OMG!) and just about everything. The Egyptians have been the inventors of many beauty […]


Contouring and Highlighting Guide

Follow these easy tips for contouring and highlighting like a professional – To find your highlight and contour shade you want to go 2-3 shades lighter and 2-3 shades darker than the base you are starting with! – When starting only apply primer and a lighter amount of foundation than you typically would use and […]