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Quest For Eternal Youth

What is Beauty? Can beauty be defined by age, gender, color, body shape or size? Who gets to decide? So where does beauty come from? Where can it be found? I can assure you it isn’t hidden in the words of any beauty, diet, or fitness magazine article. It doesn’t come in a 12 can […]

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10 Commandments Of Makeup Brushes

Look After Those Makeup Brushes Just like a painter can’t create without paint brushes, a makeup artist can’t create a flawless makeup look without makeup brushes. Although they can make applying makeup easier, if used wrong they can also make your makeup application a whole lot more difficult. This list of rules was created to […]

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Unique Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

Look Gorgeous With Minimum Effort As we age, especially after 30yrs your skin starts to take longer to regenerate and can appear dull, lined and mottled in appearance, therefore it becomes increasingly more important to look after your skins health What you apply to your skin everyday has a huge impact to your skins overall […]

Stunning Eye Makeup Tutorials

Try Bold New Eye Makeup Looks Do you find that you rarely try any looks?  Are you bored with your makeup and are, maybe, a little afraid to try new looks. You can now experiment with these fabulous new eye makeup looks. #7 Feminine and Fierce For the edgy girl who can’t get enough of […]

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The Power of Makeup!

Have fun with makeup Lately makeup shaming has become a thing. It’s as if putting makeup on to have fun is a shame. Ladies are now defending their right to wear makeup, without judgement. Women on Instagram have been posting pictures of themselves with only half their faces covered in makeup, with the hashtag #ThePowerOfMakeup. […]

Keep Makeup Fresh During Summer Heat

How To Keep Makeup Intact This Summer We know, it’s so annoying when your makeup starts melting during the Summer months. The heat means you’re going to sweat, but it also means your skin will likely produce more oil. There are some simple steps you can take before, during and after you apply your makeup […]

Perfect Your Makeup

These charts will take all of the mystery out of getting your makeup to look perfect Have you ever wondered how to get that perfect look with makeup? Knowing a few tricks can really help! Use good face cleaners. Wash your face. Washing your face will make your skin look perfectly clean. This cleans your […]

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The Magic of Makeup – Transformations

The Wonderful Fantasy World of Makeup Artists Makeup Artists are very talented and  awards are given for this profession in the entertainment industry that include the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hair-styling and even several entertainment industry awards such as the Emmy Awards and the Golden Globes to name a few. In the United States as well […]

Face Art Taken to Another Level

You are Amazing – and So is Your Face! Explorations of this “face on a face” imagery came as Makeup Artists started incorporating cartooning techniques into the faces they paint at events — particularly for clients for which it was helpful to be able to put characters and action scenes on faces This  technique is used […]

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Incredible ‘Clown’ Contouring

Amazing Results Achieved Through Clown Contouring Looking at the lighter side of makeup – clown contouring is another art form – and shows the Makeup Artist’s talents You do not need a lot of makeup to look beautiful.  Makeup is fun and is a way of expressing yourself.  How much makeup you wear and how […]