5 Simple Tricks To Use Baby Powder For Enhancing Your Beauty


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Have you ever used a single product work in multiple ways? This comes true, especially when you are refused to take up your makeup whims, isn’t it? So, today we have a makeup lesson, which will tell you how you can use a simple baby powder in 5 unique ways apart from just using it for the baby’s body!

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Ways To Use Baby Powder For Beauty:

Listed below are the ways baby powder can be used for various beauty purposes:

1. Fuller And Thicker Eyelashes:

Not comfortable wearing false eyelash extensions? Then, this simple trick will surely give you that added oomph! You can have full eyelashes without the need of falsies! Pull out your favorite eyelash curler and start curling your lashes. Then, take some baby powder in a clean cotton swab and coat your eye lashes. Follow it with 2 to 3 coats of mascara and there you have thicker voluminous eye lashes. The dry formula of the baby powder separates every single eyelash, giving you fuller lash effect instantly!


2. Baby Powder As Dry Shampoo:

Dry Shampoo is an option if you have greasy and oily hair. If you are getting late and don’t have the time to shower, then this is a must-try method to maintain good health of your hair. Commercially made dry shampoos work effectively, but when you can just use a simple baby powder instead of splurging money then who would say a no! Baby powders are made with the same ingredient as in dry shampoos- talc. But, they are just designed with a bit of fragrance to give you a better feel. Section your hair first, then start sprinkling baby powder on your hair and gently comb it. Brush your hair till all the baby powder disappears from the scalp. And there you will have fresh and oil-free hair! Who said procuring freshly washed hair is not possible? Try this trick to offer a fresh and grease-free effect to your hair.


3. Baby Powder For Shoes:

Are you worried by the spreading smell, which comes from your shoes and feet just after an hour of wearing them? Foot odor can be caused by a lot of reasons- over using the same pair of shoes, sweating, bacterial or fungal infections and also due to lack of aeration. If you wish to get rid of that annoying foul smell coming from your shoes, then you should definitely try this trick without looking further. The main reason for your feet smelling foul is sweating. A simple way to keep them away is to dust some baby powder in them prior to wearing them. Baby powder has a fresh, pleasant and subtle fragrance, which would keep your feet smell good as well as prevent foul smell! Start by dusting some baby powder on your feet, and then cover it up with socks. Finally, add some baby powder to your shoes, and then wear your shoes to prevent any foul smell.


4. Catch Eyeshadow Fallouts

Eyeshadow fallouts on your cheeks can be really frustrating, isn’t it? After applying a gorgeous eye makeup, when you take a last look in the mirror, you are sure to look good, but often notice eyeshadow specks all over your cheeks happily glaring at you! And when you try to remove them, it just makes things worse. It starts smudging, creasing and results in a huge mess! And it happens at the time when you’re already running late! The classic trick, which almost all the makeup artists have been using it for years is to apply lots of powder under the eye area. The eyeshadow fallouts will fall directly on the talcum powder and it can be easily removed with a powder brush after the eye makeup is completed. But, always remember to remove the excess powder completely before concealing your eye area. Because if it is not cleaned up properly, it can settle down to fine lines and wrinkles.


5. As A Translucent Powder:

Baby powder works excellently in place of your expensive translucent face powders. It works as a great multi benefit product. It helps in minimizing pore appearance, reduces the fine lines, absorbs excess oils from your skin, making you appear fresh and bright, increases the wear time of your foundation and lipstick. It can also be applied on the bare skin. It feels feather-light on the skin and works beautifully for all the skin complexions and types.

Now you can easily look the best without a plethora of products! Why not give these tricks a try! Which is your favorite tip? Let us know in the comments section below.

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