Lazy Girl’s Guide To Amazing Skin


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Achieve Amazing Skin

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The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Amazing Skin

dec22_013Everyone wants gorgeous, glowy, perfect skin. Sure, you can spend hours upon hours on a complicated routine that requires multiple steps and products to achieve said flawless look — but who has the time, money, or patience for all that? We certainly don’t.

Top Chicago beauty experts share quick and easy tips for attaining complexion perfection, minimal effort required. Follow these 10 golden rules, and you’ll see clearer, more radiant skin — without any lasers or expensive treatments.

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It’s your skin’s worst enemy — not only can the scratchy texture lead to unsightly irritation and redness, it’s also a breeding ground for bacteria. A better bet? A Konjac cleansing sponge. “The sponge softens when wet, and the all-natural fibers gently exfoliate clogged pores with minimal effort.”

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If your preferred face-washing method is a cleansing wipe, consider this the official thumbs-up to go ahead and keep using them — with one caveat. “Many of these wipes contain high levels of preservatives that can cause irritation and dryness if left on the skin,” explains Chicago dermatologist Peter Lio, MD. But, don’t stress, there’s no need to wash your face post-wiping. Just a quick rinse will do the trick.

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