Apply Blush For Your Face Shape


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Applying Blush

When applying blush paying attention to face shape matters! While all the spots are generally in the cheek area, applying blush in particular shapes or lines has a similar effect to contouring.How To Correctly Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

Blush is a tough kind of makeup to wear. People worry about putting to much on and looking like a clown, or not putting on enough and looking washed out.


Different techniques apply to different faces – when it comes to makeup or life there isn’t ever a one size fits all. All face shapes and sizes need to be embraced

How To Correctly Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

Just like contouring, there are specific techniques to apply blush. You have to find the right consistency for your skin type, the right shade for your skin color, and apply it the correct way for your face shape. We’ve all been guilty to applying blush directly onto our cheeks and it doesn’t always look the best. Here’s are some methods used by professional makeup artists (and a couple of our favorite blushes) to try out. We guarantee you won’t regret it!



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