Applying Bottom Eyeliner Correctly


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Are You Doing Your Bottom Eyeliner Wrong?

Do not neglect your lower lash line!  Makeup looks pretty there, too.  Applying bottom eyeliner will also make your eyes appear larger.waterline vs lower lash line



Although, doing your bottom eyeliner by drawing on the waterline can cause infection and wears off much quicker.  Drawing on the waterline is a definite no no for contact lens wearers, or people with sensitive eyes, as this could also lead to eye problems.




The Right Way to Wear Bottom Eyeliner

Bottom eyeliner is kind of an enigma. It brings up memories of applying eye makeup in middle school – inevitably sloppy, possibly too heavy, and one too many attempts for the perfect smokey eye leave most of us too shy to try again. YET, when done properly, bottom eyeliner can be a natural-looking way to enhance your eyes and make them appear larger.

Lower lash line - imageStep 1: Apply your base. I like a light to medium foundation like a BB cream so I can get coverage over my redness, dark circles, and any breakouts, but still look natural-ish.

Step 2: Grab a pencil! You want one that’s not too sharp so you can get a nice soft line. And definitely don’t even try using liquid eyeliner or you’ll end up looking like you lined your eyes with a ballpoint pen.  You can also use black, grey, or bronze depending on skin tone and what look you’re going for!
Step 3: Don’t just draw a straight line. Use a dotted line instead. Lightly dot right beneath your bottom eyelashes. It might sound strange, but a dotted line under your bottom eyelashes can be really soft and pretty.

Step 4: Looking for something a little more bold? Reach for some eyeshadow – Buxom’s single eyeshadow in LBD is perfect, or Cool Caviar for a shimmery look – and use a slant-tip eyeliner brush to fill in the dotted line you drew, and blend upward towards the outer corner of your eye. You can go as big or as soft as you like!

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