Applying Concealer Correctly


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Applying Concealer

Applying Concealer is one of the most commonly used makeup products of all times. Applying Concealer has the power to hide even the worst flaws of your face, which makes it perfect for the tough mornings when you have to deal with dark and ugly circles under your eyes. But there is one simple problem, occurring when the concealer is applied on the skin under the eyes – the “smile” wrinkles. Usually, they are not noticeable, but when the applying concealer in the wrong way, the wrinkles are enhanced and now they can be simply recognized. That’s why you have to learn how to apply concealer under the eyes the right way.

Smooth Under Eye Cover  

Applying Concealer


 That’s why you have to learn how to apply the concealer under the eyes the right way. Here are the steps and my tips. Follow them if you want to learn how to look good every time when you must apply concealer under your tired eyes:

  • The most important step is to moisturize the skin before the application. I recommend you to moisturize the area under the eyes with an anti-aging cream. Don’t panic! It is recommended not because you have wrinkles, but only because this cream can prevent them. And also, for the ladies who already have some fine lines on the skin, the cream will tighten the skin temporarily, which will contribute to the better texture of the concealer afterwards.

  • Then apply the concealer the right way – not on dots, but on curved lines. Start by applying the line at the inner corner of the eye, right on the tear duct. Then, pull the concealer down, under the eye.

  • Smudge it with a sponge or very soft brush, but don’t smudge it with a finger, because the skin of the fingers is too rough and the texture won’t create a smooth surface of the concealer.

  • All done! Then, continue the makeup application as usual – lid makeup, lip color and brow filler. You can see that the anti-aging moisturizer can create an amazing look, which means that you must use it more often. Enjoy!

Applying Concealer 2

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