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How to Apply Lipstick Like a Makeup Artist

Follow these simple, yet essential tips for bleed-free, stay-all-day lipstick


We know what you’re thinking — how complicated can lipstick possibly be? True enough — it isn’t brain surgery. But somehow, by the end of the day, women around the world catch themselves in the mirror to find uneven, flaking, smudging, bleeding lip color that makes them want to (almost) resign lipstick altogether.

So what gives? According to M.A.C. Senior Artist Keri Blair, Lipstick Queen Founder Poppy King and Nars Lead Makeup Stylist Jenny Smith, there are a few key mistakes, myths and misconceptions most women have about lipstick. And often the most common ones are also the most fixable. You just have to know the right techniques.

Forget every lipstick fear and rule you’ve ever known. Because even though pulling off perfectly smooth, filled-in, flattering lipstick isn’t as intuitive as you might think, luckily,everyone is capable. Really, everyone. Keep scrolling for your foolproof guide to killer, makeup artist level lipstick.

Photograph courtesy Makeup for Life

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Source : Total Beauty

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