Beauty Tips for New Moms


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Beauty Tips for New Moms (2)

Beauty Tips for New Moms

As a new mother, the only thing that used to be on my mind was sleep, everyone says, sleep is a thing of history once you have a baby, and no sleep means a toll on your eyes and skin besides everything else, worry not this festive season and check out some cheat codes to fix those new mom beauty troubles in a jiffy!



Use a white or fleshtone eye liner on the inner rim of your eyes, to give you a bright eyed effect.

Use a pale shimmer shadow on the inner corner of the eyes and soften it up till the bridge of the nose, this will draw attention away from the dark cirles.

Notice that darkness at the outer end of the eyes? well spots that need concealing due to sleep deprivation are sides of the nose,mouth, eyes corner where pigmentation worsens, spot conceal them to perfection to fake it.


Your eyebrows need to have a quick tweeze and use a gel to brush them upwards to keep them in top shape, well shaped eyebrows will do you a lot of good, hence keep an eyebrow brush handy, or use an old mascara wand to apply the gel.


For quick fix for puffy eyes, keep two spoons in the freezer, keep them on the eyes inverted, for sometime, to relax and get rid of puffiness.


Opt for two in one stuff, shampoos with conditioners, this will save you so much time.Tinted lip balm stains, moisture plus color.

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To avoid hair troubles, brush them before sleep and tie them up with a scrunchie, then gently work with your natural hair types, loose waves, or pony, work out faster hair styles you dont have the time to use that flat iron always.

If you have thin flat hair, toss the hair downwards and and use a blow dryer while you brush them down in that state, this will pump up the volume when you toss the hair back.

Invest in a dry shampoo or brush baby shampoo through dry hair to hide to grease on non-head bath days.


Use the night sleep the amount you get to give you the most, slather on foot cream and pull on cotton socks, use a hand cream at night always to let it work .


Your bedside table should have hand creams, eye creams, lip balms and face cleaning wipes, use them often so that you dont miss your routine.


Never step out without a sunscreen.


Opt for faster hair removal like wax strips for upperlip, and arms, you can do this faster without having to visit the salon.

Keep face blotters handy, when you dont cleanse and hydrate, your skin might get oilier.


Quick sugar scrubs like honey lemon and sugar, for the body will do you good without having to look for a body scrub.


Keep two bottles at your bedside again, Water naturally flushes and rids us of toxins, hydrates our bodies and decreases bloating and puffiness. For an extra benefit, add a squeeze or slice of lemon to your water.


For very dry skin this winters, new moms could take a few drops of olive oil and gently pat it on the face and then wipe the rest on your elbows and knees.


If you think your teeth have gone for a toss, rub some salt on the brush and brush once in a while to whiten them.

Get loads of mascara eye brightness or else invest in a natural looking falsies, it will save you time on mascara removal.

Dont forget to scrub your face gently once in a week, because you have been ignoring the dead cells daily, two minutes of gentle scrubbing should do you good.

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