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Makeup Trend – Non-Touring


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This is The One 2016 Makeup Trend You Should Master

What is Non-Touring?   Non-Touring is the next big makeup trend and it is the easiest and most practical one of them all.

First, contouring was all the rage, and while I never quite figured that one out, I admire you if you did, followed by strobing, which, admittedly, was easier to master and much more feasible, if a bit much for lazy girls who like minimal makeup. Non-Touring 2 - makeup trend


What is this “non-touring” thing, anyways? Well, it’s basically a super hip way of saying “natural-looking, dewy skin.” Yep, that’s it. It’s all about keeping makeup light (especially the foundation portion) and using a great highlight to give your face a radiant glow. So, fear not! You can still put those strobing products to good use to get your cheekbones sparkling.

This makeup trend is coming around just in time for summer, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Because this lightweight approach to makeup is just what your skin needs for a day out in the scorching heat. If you feel the same way, find out how the “non-touring” trend is done.

Check Out The Newest Beauty Trend: Non-touring!

Whether you’re into makeup or not, you must have seen one of the biggest makeup techniques: contouring. Contouring is all the rage, and tons of makeup companies sell so many products to help you get that perfect contour. Contour kits in the powder and cream form? Yas! Contouring is a really cool way to get your face to look slimmer — you can add more depth to your cheek bones and have a much thinner nose. I love this makeup technique, but it’s a lot of work to do every day. Non-Touring 5 - Makeup TrendTons of blending is required, and that is too much work to do in the morning!If contouring was never your thing, then you will love the newest and easiest makeup trend of the year: it’s called non-touring! To create this makeup look, all you need to do is go lighter on the contour and apply lots of highlight. I kind of do this all the time, actually! I go light when applying my dark contour colors, and I glow up with my highlighter. I just do this because it’s so easy and natural. Non-touring is great for the summer, and I feel like it’s definitely a no-makeup look. Learn how to create the newest makeup trend of the year with this video! So easy!

I am loving this beauty trend! What about you? Comment to let us know!

Watch this video below to master the new makeup trend.

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