Men: makeup mysteries

Five Guys With No Beauty Experience Do Their Own Makeup 1. If you’re a person who wears cosmetics, you’ve likely heard a man say some version of the following: “What takes you so long to put on your makeup? It can’t be THAT hard!” Ugh. Since beautifying oneself is so quickly and easily accomplished in the […]

Neck exercises - image

Maintain youthful neck

Exercises for the neck “If you notice your face getting rounder or another chin forming underneath your jaw you have to take immediate action to prevent this. This can be done by regularly performing the following exercises each morning and evening after applying your regular lotion. Squeeze a pencil in between your teeth and try […]

Up makeup game - image

Good makeup game

1. Start moisturizing… STAT Yeah, it seems kind of pointless. But just like those weirdly over-happy girls in the commercials, you will be smiling as soon as you started moisturizing… Your face WILL thank you for it. Via 2. Use primer You might think primer seems like a bit of a waste, since you can’t […]


Smoky eye

Don’t let the idea of a smoky eye intimidate you. Watch: a smoky eye look made easy When I say ‘smoky eye’ do you think, “Yeah, cool, I can do that,” or are you more likely to respond with a scrunched face and, “Uhhh nah, way too hard.” So many people find a smoky […]

Man: makeup terrible idea

Check out these guys doing their best.  Hopefully they will now appreciate both your skills and beauty. 1. We managed to find three women brave enough to let their boyfriends do their makeup. How did it go? 2. Justin felt very inspired. 3. Ben had a nontraditional approach to eyeliner. 4. And Patrick made […]

Face: Warmer Months

12 Best Makeup Primers Prepare for the warmer months ahead with these reader-approved makeup primers Obvious foundation streaks, noticeable pores, redness around the nose — these are all makeup blunders on par with a glaringly large flake of black pepper stuck between your teeth. Celebrity makeup artist and beauty brand founder, Napoleon Perdis, says these […]

Skin tone foundation

Check out this great video which will enable you to determine your skin tone when choosing the right color foundation.   Not knowing your skin tone means you are not optimizing your makeup Source : bh’s Carli Alman Beauty Heaven