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Best Type Of Blush For Mature Skin

Cream Blush For Mature Skin The best option for the more mature skin is a cream blush. Don’t despair, it is possible to find make-up that works for mature skin. It’s all about good preparation, choosing the right products, and applying them with subtlety. When we’re young we barely need makeup to look good, but when […]

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Makeup Tips to Look Younger

Turn Back the Clock A number of years ago, cosmetic surgery was reserved for celebrities and the very wealthy. These patients were mostly women and had plenty of money and lots of free time to recover. In those days, there were no options other than procedures involving lengthy hospital stays,  followed by seclusion to recuperate […]

Magic Makeup

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The 50-something woman’s guide to beauty

Check out our beauty guide for the over fifties (and fabulous!)…. From the colour and density of your hair to the texture of your skin, your body goes through many changes as you age – and these changes become more and more visible over time. It’s just natural – but don’t fret! There are loads […]