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Quest For Eternal Youth

What is Beauty? Can beauty be defined by age, gender, color, body shape or size? Who gets to decide? So where does beauty come from? Where can it be found? I can assure you it isn’t hidden in the words of any beauty, diet, or fitness magazine article. It doesn’t come in a 12 can […]

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Unique Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

Look Gorgeous With Minimum Effort As we age, especially after 30yrs your skin starts to take longer to regenerate and can appear dull, lined and mottled in appearance, therefore it becomes increasingly more important to look after your skins health What you apply to your skin everyday has a huge impact to your skins overall […]

Marilyn Monroe’s Top 7 Beauty Secrets

Marilyn Monroe inspired makeup tutorial “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” -Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe is the face, or should I say body of timeless beauty. Here red lips, blonde bob hair and flying dress are symbols of the same. Here are her top 7 beauty secrets, […]