Girl Asks Boyfriend To Buy Makeup, Regrets Her Decision Immediately

There’s a good reason why women never ask their men to buy makeup, and this story illustrates it perfectly. Dedicated boyfriend and Reddit user Blufiz was asked by his “beautiful sunshine” to carry out this Herculean task. Undaunted, the 26-year-old arrived at the pharmacy and, with the help of his cellphone camera an instant messaging, […]

11 Habits That Will Ultimately Destroy Your Face

Do you have any solutions to some of life’s beauty blunders? What about any home remedies? Let us know what you think and don’t be afraid to give us some advice as well. We’d love to hear it!   #1) Sleeping in Makeup image: http://www.grandascent.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/7e8ee415e3509f5823cbe6afcf4a1c79_650x.jpg Sleeping in makeup is a major no-no. If you feel […]