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Eye Makeup Like a Professional

Enhance Those Beautiful Eyes If you are a newbie to makeup or just need a little inspiration – this eye makeup guide is just for you. This beginners guide will explain in great detail the reason for using primers.  It also  explains which makeup brushes to use as well as the most effective ways in […]

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Enhance the Natural Beauty of Your Eyes

Featherstroke Makeup Brushes Working Hard Your eyes are your most distinctive facial feature. Often referred to as “the windows to the soul”, the eyes  draw  immediate attention. The prerequisite of flawless grooming is thus well defined eyes. This set consists of the 10 essential brushes needed to expertly apply your eye makeup so as to […]

Stunning Eye Makeup Tutorials

Try Bold New Eye Makeup Looks Do you find that you rarely try any looks?  Are you bored with your makeup and are, maybe, a little afraid to try new looks. You can now experiment with these fabulous new eye makeup looks. #7 Feminine and Fierce For the edgy girl who can’t get enough of […]

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Eye Makeup for Small Lids

 Purple Dream For Small Lids Scientists find it hard to say who exactly invented the makeup, but one thing is sure – the makeup existed in human culture over 100 000 years ago, which was used also for enhancing and achieving beauty. So, don’t think that a few shadows and a thin layer of foundation […]

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Perfect your winged eyeliner

How To Draw Your Eyeliner With a Spoon Hey we have an unusual idea that will help you draw a perfect eyeliner for gorgeous looking eyes! You might think that we are weirdos but this practice really helps. Guess what can help you? A coffee spoon! Sounds crazy?! Spoons now aren’t used only in the […]

How to do a cat-eye liner

Eyeliner Stencil One of the nightmares for makeup beginners is the application of the cat-eye liner. Fortunately, there are a lot of tricks for the application of the cat-eye liner. Here are some of these tricks: Use a hard brush and liquid liner. Some people have extremely soft and elastic skin of the lids and […]

Golden Eye Shadow

This dramatic golden eye shadow look would be perfect for a special night out. Gold Eye Makeup Tutorial

Inspiration: eye makeup for hooded eyes

Hi dear everyone, in today’s post I would like to share my favourite eye makeup looks and techniques which I use religiously. s with small eye lids and without obvious crease (I learnt a lot about crease from the article posted by Juli from bun bun Makeup Tips where she introduced the crease as contour. Make […]


Eye Tightline

How to Tightline Eyes Tightlining, also called invisible eyeliner, is a technique which is achieved by defining your eyelashes subtly with eyeliner. This technique makes your eyelashes appear fuller and thicker. Tightlining is actually a term for a tricky eyeliner technique that gives a sort of I’m-not-wearing-any-makeup effect: it defines your lash line and makes […]

Make-up trend

The latest look is messy mascara – this looks like sloppiness We’ve seen quite a few weird beauty trends lately (think dyed armpit hair and deliberately grey strands), but the newest make-up craze has really stumped me. I’m talking about messy mascara, a rather strange look that’s been popping up at Milan Fashion Week. Even […]