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Halloween Makeup At It’s Best

OMG! Makeup Ideas That Would Scare Stephen King It seems like every year that goes by, Halloween makeup tutorials get better. Social media has become a great place for talented makeup artists to share their creative,  looks, and there’s no better time than Halloween to take makeup to the extreme. Below are some incredible Halloween […]

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Halloween for Men

Count down to Halloween has started Everyone goes a little mad sometimes – so why not on Halloween?  It’s time to plan your Halloween look. If you are very brave and adventurous have a look at this full tutorial on a scary horror pumpkin man Horror pumpkin man halloween makeup tutorial | makeup halloween   […]

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Embrace the Silliness of Halloween

Why Do We Say Trick or Treat? It’s one of a kid’s favorite parts of Halloween. There’s no feeling quite like waiting for a stranger to open his or her door so you can scream the words “Trick or treat!” But why do we say it? What does it actually mean? The practice of donning a costume […]

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Halloween Makeup For Men

Realistic ‘Iron Man’ Makeup Time to include the men in Halloween Makeup. A more literal version of an “Iron Man” makeup tutorial. Here the talented Shonagh Scott shows how to create a special makeup of being burnt on the face by an iron. This was inspired by watching watching ‘Home Alone’ recently.  Watch this video […]

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Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween

About Halloween Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31. As the festival would frequently involve bonfires, it is believed that the fires attracted insects to the area which attracted bats to the area. Masks and costumes are worn in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits or appease them. Trick-or-treating, is […]