Take Care of Your Makeup Brushes

Look After Your Investment It is very important to wash makeup brushes on a regular basis.  Ideally brushes should be washed every week but no longer than two weeks. Makeup brushes used for concealer and foundation should not be left longer than one week as there is a buildup of oil, old makeup and dirt […]

powder brush - image

10 Commandments Of Makeup Brushes

Look After Those Makeup Brushes Just like a painter can’t create without paint brushes, a makeup artist can’t create a flawless makeup look without makeup brushes. Although they can make applying makeup easier, if used wrong they can also make your makeup application a whole lot more difficult. This list of rules was created to […]

Using Kabuki Brushes

7 Different Ways of Using a Kabuki Brush by ALKA KUMAR on MAY 27, 2015 · Hello Fashionistas, Today I am back with a very interesting article, “7 different ways of using a Kabuki brush”. Read on to know what those unique ways are and how you can add them in your beauty routine. By […]


Makeup Brushes Made Easy

Sometimes the range of makeup brushes can be very confusing. Here are some basic brushes to help you identify the uses of these makeup brushes. Source: ASKWOMENNET.COM