Magic Makeup

Young Couples Got To See What They’d Look Like in 50 years – MAGIC MAKEUP Imagine being able to see what you would look like in 50 years time – that is magic makeup. Saying the words “‘Til death do us part” may seem like the easiest part of the wedding, but what does aging together […]

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Be Glamorous – Be Awesome

A Makeup Tutorial for That Special Date or Special Occasion Glamour has its roots in spell-casting, sorcery and magical enchantment. Being glamorous is about feeling comfortable with yourself and your place in the world. Some consider the outward appearance, some consider their mind and intellect, others consider their sense of humor. No matter, they are […]

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Embrace the Power of Makeup

Let Makeup Be Your Best Friend Ladies are defending their right to wear makeup.  Makeup can be transformative and there is nothing shameful about wearing it. Girls are often made to feel bad for loving makeup, or wearing “too much” makeup. But makeup isn’t a sign of insecurity — it’s a form of self-expression and […]

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The Power of Makeup!

Have fun with makeup Lately makeup shaming has become a thing. It’s as if putting makeup on to have fun is a shame. Ladies are now defending their right to wear makeup, without judgement. Women on Instagram have been posting pictures of themselves with only half their faces covered in makeup, with the hashtag #ThePowerOfMakeup. […]

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The Magic of Makeup – Transformations

The Wonderful Fantasy World of Makeup Artists Makeup Artists are very talented and  awards are given for this profession in the entertainment industry that include the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hair-styling and even several entertainment industry awards such as the Emmy Awards and the Golden Globes to name a few. In the United States as well […]