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Your Favorite Makeup Look Reveals All

What Your Makeup Says About You   Your makeup is speaking volumes before you open your mouth. It is not necessary for you be a fashionista in order to let your style, clothing and makeup speak volumes about your overall personality. Even on an ordinary day, your clothes and makeup say a lot about you […]


Katy Perry Makeup Line

Katy Perry Is Launching Her First-Ever Makeup Line With CoverGirl! Learn All About Her Katy Kat Collaboration! Exciting news that everyone has been waiting for and that is Katy Perry Makeup Line. Professional, Yet Affordable, Makeup Brushes After several wonderful years of BEING the face, I now get to CREATE the face! KATY PERRY (@katyperry) […]

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Do Women ‘Need’ Makeup?

Why Do So Many Women Wear So Much Makeup? Surely there must be some sweet spot between ‘No Makeup’ and ‘All The Makeup’ – where we look like we’re trying—but not trying too hard. The problem is, people are terrible at imagining what other people find attractive. Women think men prefer skinnier body types than […]