Celebs without makeup!


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These celebs without fully made up faces still look good but not as we are used to seeing them.

“Putting on makeup is an art form. Personally, I love playing around with it— all the colors, and tricks you can do to your face! My makeup skills are pretty damn good, and even more amazing when I have time on my hands. I’m actually convinced that all of my past flames got mildly startled when they first woke up beside me without my makeup on. So, future guys— I’m sorry for my bare face in the morning. And I’m sorry for sleeping with my mouth open while drool is falling out from the side.


If you’re a frequent YouTube watcher, you’ll notice the sudden boom in beauty channels. Some of the products that they use may hurt your pocket— beauty is pain isn’t it? But if you’re like me, you can always search for dupes (make up with the same shades and finishes, but from a different and more affordable manufacturer).

As women, we are all beautiful, but even more so when our best features are enhanced with makeup. Then there are celebrities. Go on Instagram and I’m sure you’re following a few stars who have selfies of themselves while being made up. I’m telling you, I won’t name names, but there are plenty of uhm, less attractive celebrities who turn into gorgeous creations of God because of the magic of a make up artist’s brush. Maybe it’s time I look into beauty schools, because damn, make up artists are making bank nowadays! Here are celebs who look really different than what we’re used to.”

Katy Perry

Katy Perry - image

She may have kissed a girl and liked it, but she sure as hell had some lipstick on when she did! Katy Perry looks unrecognizable in this pictured snapped by ex-husband Russell Brand. The usually colorful pop star looks so monochromatic— at least in the photo. Not gonna lie, she seems to have great skin, but she looks pale, almost greyish.

I adore Katy’s beautiful blue eyes and mile long eyelashes. She should constantly play up those features. It’s also amazing how she can pull of wearing candy colored and bright makeupwithout looking like a clown— now that’s something. Another thing to point out is Katy’s hair color, as she often dyes it in fun shades like pink, purple, or blue. Whatever she’s doing to make the colors of the rainbow work together, lets hope she keeps it up. Katy’s the queen of colors at this point.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried - image

Amanda Seyfried got her big break in the movie “Mean Girls”. She was the stereotypical dumbblonde in the movie, but let’s admit it— she looked good! I mean, look at that pale skin! It glows! I have to pinch my cheeks endlessly (or use my trusty cheek tint) before I can get them to glow naturally (or is it artificial? Hmmm.) like Amanda’s.

Amanda has amazing bone structure and it’s best if she makes it stand out with a bit of blush or cheek tint. Also, some red lipstick adds some awesome contrast to her beautiful face.

Amanda’s face is a good example of someone who can pull off a pale complexion without looking sickly or bland. It’s practically a dream canvass to put wonderful make up on! The other best feature of her face? Her big and round peepers that always looks so fierce on the red carpet.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington - image


Kerry Washington is perfection. I was recently watching an old episode of Saturday Night Live that she hosted. She was a goddess. Angelina Jolie’s lips are so early 00’s! Kerry Washington’s? Much better. Her lips have their own thing going on and they’re nailing it! She knows how to play them up and make heads turn with just her lips.

Now, upon seeing Kerry’s bare face? I was surprised that she has acne scars like me. She does an amazing job of concealing them! It’s okay to have flaws, but it doesn’t hurt to cover them up. This only means that I have more things in common with her than I imagined. I just need luscious lips like hers and my own show about having an affair with the president, then I’m set for life!

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson - image


Pamela Anderson was the epitome of sexy back when Baywatch was still on air. She looked like an all American (even though she’s a Canadian) beauty. The only thing that really changed about her is that she no longer has that natural sun-kissed skin she used to sport during her days as a fictional lifeguard. But hey, that’s nothing a little bronzer and some highlighter can’t fix!

Now, Pam looks like the MILF that lives next door when she’s all made up, and more like the average soccer mom when she’s bare faced. She can keep up with her MILF next door status by playing up her pouty lips with some pink lipstick. It’s always about pulling attention towards your face, and Pam has got the lips to do it!


Madonna Madonna

I was surprised when I first saw Madonna’s bare face. It’s clear that age does catch up to every one of us. Try going on tour for so many days and weeks in your fifties. She also has kids— three of them that she has to focus on after her tours.

Age catches up to everyone, but it helps if you try to at least freshen up with some foundation and lip gloss. Madge has an awesome bone structure and one way to enhance that (and to shave off a few years) is with some contouring. She also has a face that screams “confidence” that can make heads turn with a good smokey eye.

She may no longer be the same Madonna from the 80’s that we all loved, but she still has the same pretty face and of course, the same power and talent as the eternal queen of pop.

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