Contouring and Highlighting Guide


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Follow these easy tips for contouring and highlighting like a professional

– To find your highlight and contour shade you want to go 2-3 shades lighter and 2-3 shades darker than the base you are starting with!


– When starting only apply primer and a lighter amount of foundation than you typically would use and just use concealer to spot treat any imperfections, this way you don’t have to much makeup build up on your face!

– Follow the natural contours of your face shape

– use brushes that are small enough for your face shape to refrain from getting that “blob”look ( and if you do, just clean up your edges like so in the video)

– When blending out the hollows of your cheeks make sure not to bring the color past the highest arch of your brow, concentrate all the products from that point back to your hair line and then you can take whatever excess is on the brush and blend it lightly past their just to make it look nice and blended!

– You do NOT have to go over with the powders at the end you can stop after liquid contouring but I would still suggest setting your concealer under the eye to keep it from creasing or shifting. If you Get oily set your T zone with a translucent powder!

– You can just contour with the light boost pen instead of the concealer but I find the pen to not have enough coverage to make a noticeable difference and that is why I use the concealer instead!

– In between blending out your contour, dab off any excess on a paper towel or the back of your hand just so you don’t have to much product build up on the brush!

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