Do the Double Winged Eyeliner


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How to Do the Double Winged Eyeliner

Doubled winged eyeliner 1 - imageWe all know the basic winged eyeliner, but let me introduce to the new version; the double winged eyeliner. It is like a winged eyeliner, but a lot more edgier, and let’s face it we all need to add some cutting edge to our looks from time to time. As visible from the name, the double winged eyeliner involves making the winged eyeliner twice.

Double winged eyeliner 2 - imageI think it goes without saying that a steady hand is needed here – but remember practice, practice, practice!


Let Danielle take you through the process, step by step, on how to make the double winged eyeliner – watch video below to see how to do this amazing Double Winged Eyeliner.


Double Winging It | Danielle Mansutti

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