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Featherstroke Makeup Brushes Working Hard

Your eyes are your most distinctive facial feature. Often referred to as “the windows to the soul”, the eyes  draw  immediate attention. The prerequisite of flawless grooming is thus well defined eyes.

This set consists of the 10 essential brushes needed to expertly apply your eye makeup so as to best enable them to project beauty, grace and charm


19This “must have” set is convenient for easy access, portability and is presented in a stylish, attractive, easy to clean, pouch.

This is what a few Featherstroke customers had to say about their brushes:

Robert A:

I got this present for my fiancé. She’s always wishing she could have some legit brushes for her make up. To my surprise this set is very professional looking. She’s in love and has already spent hours practicing her make up and using it frequently when we go out. She basically does her own “professional” for free. Awesome product!

Susie Sunshine:

I love this makeup brush set. It takes several brushes to create different eye shadow looks and this set comes with everything I need. They are not cheap crummy brushes either. I could tell right away because the lash and brow is metal instead of plastic which makes a huge deal when trying to break of clumps in your mascara! of the bristles fall out……..   It definitely rates 5 stars.

The use of this Luxury Eye Makeup Brush Set is demonstrated in the video below.   Watch this video which shows the use and description of each makeup brush in the Luxury 10 pcs Eye Makeup Brush Set.

How to Use Eye Makeup Brushes

Source : Featherstroke

The use of this set is also shown in our 3 minute Smokey Eye Tutorial at :

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