Eye Makeup For Your Eye Shape


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Know Your Eye Shape

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Ever wonder why that smoky cat eye on Pinterest looks completely different (read: wrong) on you? It may be less about your shading and blending skills and more about choosing looks that complement your natural eye shape.


No matter what eye shape you’ve got, the following techniques will give you eyes that pop day or night.



The Best Makeup Look for Your Eye Shape

Hooded Eyes –  You have hooded eyes if … The natural crease of your eye is hidden by an extra layer of skin that hangs down.Hooded EyesThe challenge: “Lids tend to look heavy and partly closed,” says Taylor. Shadows, especially those blended into the crease, also get lost because your upper eyelids is partially covered.Your makeup look: Apply and blend shadow vertically past the crease to open them up. Tightline your top waterline to make your eyes appear bigger, and use mascara to thicken the base of your top lashes, which may also be hidden.

Downturned Eyes – You have downturned eyes ifInstead of pointing upwards or straight out, your eyes turn downward slightly at the outer corners.
Downturned EyesThe challenge: Since the outer corners droop, eyeliner on the upper lids often falls flat and the overall eye shape quickly gets lost.Your makeup look: To give your eyes more lift, skip eyeliner on the lower lashline. Instead, draw a thick, bold line along the upper lid, flicking the end up like a smiley face. “Your eyes were made to wear winged and cat eye looks,” says Taylor.

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Source : totalbeauty.com

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