Eye Makeup for Glasses Wearers


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Gorgeous eye makeup for those wearing glasses.

I’ve been dwelling on glasses makeup for A LONG TIME now.
Since I don’t wear glasses my knowledge was limited so I ordered some clear ones, started studying photos and celebs, and did some practice.


Geek Chic |  Makeup tutorial for girls in glasses.
My brother in law Carl has been wearing clear (AKA faux) glasses for years. I grabbed some of his to do some experimenting. When I noticed things got a little blurry, Carl informed me that he actually needs glasses now (he was beaming). We shared a very high five and I congratulated him.

In other words glasses are cool.
They add 10 points to your IQ (visually of course), conceal dark circles in an instant, can shorten the appearance of a long nose and are a must for a Geek Chic look.
I had my sister Rachel throw some on and did her makeup to show what I’ve discovered.

Geek Chic |  Makeup tutorial for girls in glasses.
As usual this is just my take, no one with glasses is stuck to using this tips every day but everyone of you four eyed babes should try it at least once!

1. Eye Brows: Drawing them in high and bold really frames those frames. It also adds a subtle sexiness that really feeds into the whole “I’m sexy and I don’t know it” thing. I used Dark brownshadow and an angled brush. Seriously, higher and bolder than you think. It won’t look very good without the glasses but once they’re on you’ll LOVE it.
2. Defining the eye: Spend most of your time and color directly around the eye. I used a dark brown liner and smudged it in with a brown shadow using this smudge brush. then I used a bare shadow on the rest of my lid up to the brow. Next, I layered her with a heavy coat of mascara.
You could use other colors as well but keep it right around the eye, that way it doesn’t compete with the frames.
3. Show some lip: I wanted to keep the look sweet and natural but I still wanted her lips to stand out. I defined them with a taupe liner (which creates a subtle contour and pout) then filled them with anude sheer lipstick.

For the skin I did my glowing makeup (because skin is important with every look) and because the highlight and contour is especially important in this look.




Source : Maskcara

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