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How to Tightline Eyes

Tightlining, also called invisible eyeliner, is a technique which is achieved by defining your eyelashes subtly with eyeliner. This technique makes your eyelashes appear fuller and thicker.

Tightlining is actually a term for a tricky eyeliner technique that gives a sort of I’m-not-wearing-any-makeup effect: it defines your lash line and makes your eyes look subtly brighter. Kind of like waterlining 2.0,tightlining involves jabbing eyeliner in between your lashes to make the crops appear more plentiful.



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    Wash your hands. You must have clean hands before touching your eyes. Then, remove any remaining makeup.

    • Use antibacterial soap and water to wash your hands. Dry your hands thoroughly before removing the makeup, as this helps you to grip the tools better.
    • Use gentle makeup remover to remove any remaining makeup. Use a clean cotton pad to be sure all makeup remover is gone before applying eyeliner (otherwise you may not achieve clean lines).
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    Gently lift your eyelid up to expose the lash line. You will be adding eyeliner to the top, inner portion of the eyelid––gently lifting it helps create a clean, smooth surface.

    • Look for the tiny gaps in between lash hairs to be filled with your eyeliner.
    • Use a lash comb (if necessary) to separate lashes. This may be necessary if you’ve had heavy mascara or still have some remaining makeup remover in place.
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    Dab either a liquid/gel or pencil eyeliner in between each individual lash. Be sparing––it looks messy if you use too much. Work from the inside (toward the bridge of your nose) out.

    • Begin around the area where your eyeball starts (toward the bridge of your nose). Don’t line your entire eye, just line from roughly the middle to the end.
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    • Maintain a steady hand when performing this step. If necessary, have someone help you if you’re a little shaky.
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    Gradually build up the small strokes and dabs until you achieve the desired result. By starting with light dabs, you can build upon the makeup and slowly create the perfect look.

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How to Tightline your Eyes | Eyeliner Techniques



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