Eyeliner On Your Bottom Lid


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Wearing Eyeliner on Your Bottom Lid – Do It The Right Way

It is tricky applying eyeliner to the bottom lid. Do it correctly and you’ve got natural-looking definition that goes perfectly on its own or with other eye makeup; do it wrong and you look ten years older and ten hours more sleep-Applying liner to lower lid - imagedeprived.

Keep the lines on the bottom lid thin and inconspicuous.  You do not want to create the impression of dark circles under the eyes.


Line only the outer three quarters of the eye, avoiding the inner corner entirely.  Adding dark liner to the inner corner of the eye “closes” the eye and makes it look smaller.

Don’t line the inside rim – especially on the lower lash line. Not only will it make your eyes look darker and smaller but the potential eye health repercussions—infection, itchiness, and just run of the mill irritation—make it even more unappealing.

How Do I Apply Bottom Eyeliner

Even the most experienced women can learn a little something new when it comes to makeup and the way they apply it. Get the most out of your makeup with help from a celebrity makeup artist.

Bottom eyeliner needs to be applied in a very specific way.  Apply bottom eyeliner with help from a celebrity makeup artist in this free video clip.

Watch this video now and find out how to do your eyeliner on the bottom eye lid.

How Do I Apply Bottom Eyeliner

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