Your Favorite Makeup Look Reveals All


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What Your Makeup Says About You

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Your makeup is speaking volumes before you open your mouth.

It is not necessary for you be a fashionista in order to let your style, clothing and makeup speak volumes about your overall personality. Even on an ordinary day, your clothes and makeup say a lot about you

Well groomed faces with makeup indicate maturity that make you come across as secure.   Prominent brows, bold lips and hair that’s pulled off the face look adult and suggest self-assurance.



What Does your Favorite Makeup Look Say About You?

“The best thing is to look natural, but you need makeup to look natural.” – Calvin Klein

What Does Your Favourite Makeup Look Say About You6


The quote is quite apt and we girls love our makeup and do it even to look natural. Some of us have our own signature looks that we always go back to. Let’s find out what that favourite makeup of yours tells about your personality.


Statement Bold Lips

What Does Your Favourite Makeup Look Say About You9

Woman who likes bold lip colors tend to be sensuous and confident. You are focused and have a full control over your personal and professional life. You do not shy away from responsibilities and are more successful in your life than your contemporaries. Such is the power of bright and bold shades!



Smokey EyesWhat Does Your Favourite Makeup Look Say About You7

This look exudes a sense of mystery and loads of sex appeal. As eyes are the windows to your soul, you like your eyes to be the focal point of your face. Smokey eyes give off the vibe of brave, confident and powerful woman.


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