Flower Contouring


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Flower Contouring

Flower Contouring is  like living in a garden.

Every single time a new contouring trend arises we immediately thinflorwer-contouring-1k to ourselves, “Well this has to be it. We’ve reached the very end of this craze.” Naturally, we’re always proven wrong. But the latest take on contouring involves painting floral motifs onto one’s face to get the perfect mix of highlight and color correction, and it’s just so pretty.


Social media’s finest makeup artists each have a slightly different take on flower contouring, not surprising since everyone’s needs are a little different depending on the shape of your face, eyes, lips, etc. The process may look a little tedious, especially considering contouring is a step that many of us skip in lieu of extra sleep in the morning, but, hey, if you’re going to go out of your way to do it, might as well have fun with the technique.

Flower contouring is officially a thing

If you’re already down with contouring, highlighting and strobing you’re going to LOVE this new makeup trend. Alternatively, if the whole contouring thing confuses the shit out of you, this craze will probs just go in the ‘lol, I wish’ zone.

So what is flower contouring?flower-contouring-2

Well, it’s quite similar to your regular contouring as it involves the same concealer, highlighter and colour corrector type products. But, rather than applying makeup in blocks and lines, this trend is all about creating intricate floral detailing before blending the whole thing together.

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Source : Cosmopolitan

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