Freaky Beauty Treatments


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In The Name Of Beauty

In today’s culture of magazines, TV and social media, women often feel pressured to look good all of the time. Botox, waxing and sun-beds are just some examples of ways in which modern women strive to achieve the ‘perfect look’. However, this preoccupation with personal appearance is nothing new. Early modern ladies took equal pains when it came to fashion and beauty, although their methods were slightly more deadly.

Recipes dealing with common concerns such as teeth-whitening, pimples and hair-dying where available.  Some of the suggested ingredients are rather unusual, not to mention dangerous! Face lotion made with mercury, pimples eradicated with turpentine and hair coloured with sulphur are among some of the tips provided. Many of these ingredients were poisonous and would result in terrible scaring or even death. Women were unknowingly risking their health for the sake of fashion.


Beauty Treatments That Could Freak You Out!

Hello ladies!

I am a great fan of horror movies and have seen all the parts of  the SAW Series, Hostel, Wrong Turn etc. They don’t scare me anymore. But, when women go to insane heights just to look beautiful, THAT freaks me out! While reading about such treatments, I thought of compiling a post to let everyone know that to what lengths and heights can beauty obsessed women go!

Snake Massage

snake massage - image

This treatment is definitely not for the weak hearts. The Adrenalin rush you experience due to the fear of snakes being placed on you, works wonders to boost your metabolism. The snakes have their mouths tightly taped and shut and are fed well before the long scaly masseurs start their work.

Geisha Facial
nightingale - image

This facial is predominantly made from the bird poo. Eeeewwww, I know! It’s made from Nightingale’s dropping that is treated with ultraviolet light before turning it into a powder. This traditional Japanese treatment is meant to soften, brighten and nourish the facial skin.

Fire Facial – Yes you read correctly.  Click here to read about the Fire Facial Treatment as well as other treatments.
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