Going Makeup-Free


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Things You Learn When You go Makeup Free

Imagine getting up in the morning but instead of spending 20 minutes putting your make-up on, you walk straight out the door. You don’t stop to check your reflection on the way to work because there’s no mascara to smudge.

Your handbag and bathroom sides are a clutter-free zone as you don’t own any cosmetics. And when you’re gearing up for a big night out, lipstick and eyeliner don’t even feature. There’s no need to reach for the cleansing wipes come 2am or risk a mascara-flecked pillow.


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This Is What I Learned Going Makeup-Free For A Week

I think there are lots of assumptions about people who wear makeup – that they’re insecure, self-conscious, and vain. But that hasn’t been my experience with makeup. If anything, makeup gives me confidence.

I wanted to see what it would be like to go for a week without wearing makeup. After 17 years of wearing makeup every day, I wanted to know if my confidence would endure without it.

What I found was that while I was supremely uncomfortable for the first half of the week, I learned a lot more about myself than I ever expected. Here are the lessons I came out of the week with:

Day 1: When I learned how uncomfortable I am with my own bare face.I can’t tell you how many selfies I took until I landed on THAT one to post to Instagram. And how much I fussed with my hair to try to hide a pimple lurking underneath those bangs. I was filled with relief when people responded and said I looked good without the makeup, but I didn’t actually believe them.

I’m not an insecure person, or at least I’m not when I’m wearing makeup. It was surprising to feel self-conscious all day at work — that’s not a feeling I’m used to. My co-workers told me how great I looked, and that my skin was beautiful.

Also, not wearing makeup might have actually made me seem MORE approachable.

 Day 2: When I realized that not wearing makeup gave me LOADS of time to sleep in.

I had so much free time that I slept in an extra hour. AN HOUR. It doesn’t take me an hour to do my makeup in the morning, but I tend to futz around in the bathroom while doing my makeup. I make coffee, apply some mascara. I eat a muffin, and powder on my blush. Without all that to do, I got to SLEEP. I slept oodles! It was delightful!

Day 3: The day I got a pimple, and discovered that going makeup-free takes a lot of courage.When I get a pimple, I cover that shit up. I layer foundation, then concealer, sometimes a SECOND concealer, and top it off with setting powder so that none of it moves. (Lest the world know of my affliction.)

When you don’t wear makeup, you stare at said pimple, whimper, and then try to hide it with your hair. No one is fooled; there’s a pimple blinking out behind all that hair.

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

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