Holiday Makeup


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From Desk to Dancefloor

It’s the same tale every year – it’s the night of your office Christmas party and you and the entire female contingency are crammed in the Ladies  trying to spruce yourselves up for a night on the tiles.

Glam look - imageYou’ve left yourself minimal minutes to change, let alone freshen up your make-up. And since there’s no time to remove your entire daytime look and start from scratch, you need to know how to tweak what you’ve got on already to make it a whole lot more glam.


Follow these easy guide below and transform your day makeup into a glam night time look.

Day-to-Night Holiday Makeup Looks That Take 5 Minutes or Less

 It’s  a fact (of life) that work can put a serious damper on getting ready for said engagements. After all, the sparkly holiday eye makeup we’re donning for our friend’s holiday party probably isn’t going to fly at the office.

So we called upon Urban DecayLead Artist Amanda Rodriguez to show us how to take our normal, everyday office makeup and transform it into something worthy of wearing under the mistletoe. The catch: She could only use products that we’d reasonably carry in our purse, and it had to be something we could pull of reasonably quickly at our desk.

For the challenge, our editors showed up to work wearing their usual daytime makeup. Rodriguez then built up each look with a festive holiday flair. Here, nine gorgeous, desk-to-dusk holiday makeup looks — plus, how to recreate them.

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