How to do a cat-eye liner


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One of the nightmares for makeup beginners is the application of the cat-eye liner.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tricks for the application of the cat-eye liner. Here are some of these tricks:

  • Use a hard brush and liquid liner. Some people have extremely soft and elastic skin of the lids and the pencil-liner wouldn’t work for them. Also, the liquid liner is easier to be fixed, especially if you work fast, while it is still wet.
  • If you are making a cat-eye liner, always start with the flick. Don’t try to make the flick at the end of the lash line, only professionals can do that.
  • If your lids are hooded, wait for the liner to dry completely before you blink.
  • Apply the liner at the very base of the lashes. This will make them look thicker.
  • Another trick for thicker-looking lashes is the black pencil at the top waterline.
  • And finally, the paper tape trick. Take a look at the tutorial, it will be easier to get it if you see it:

The paper tape is not strong tape, its glue doesn’t stick to the surface as tight as the plastic tape. But yet, you should be careful, because the skin around the eyes is very delicate and soft and the tape might damage it. So, firstly, before you stick the paper tape pieces on the eye, stick in on the back of your hand or on your jeans, then you can stick in  the eye, because some of the glue is covered by fabric fuzz.


Then stick the paper tape pieces on the eyelid and below the eyelid in order to create a gab in the shape of a cat-eye liner. Fill in this gap of skin with liquid black eyeliner. Wait a few second and remove the paper tape strips carefully.


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