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Hi dear everyone, in today’s post I would like to share my favourite eye makeup looks and techniques which I use religiously. s with small eye lids and without obvious crease (I learnt a lot about crease from the article posted by Juli from bun bun Makeup Tips where she introduced the crease as contour. Make sure you check her blog out!), and there is more space between my eye folds and eye brows,  I find that I cannot carry colour too far towards my brow bone area, nor I can carry colour too far closing to my nose bridge. It does not matter how I blend, it just looks muddy and strange.




As you can see from the pictures above,  one of my favourite techniques in applying eye makeup is to add darker colours to my outer V and on top of my eye folds but below my eye socket areas and then blend it into brow bone using a lighter crease colour  like MAC Kid and then a matte highlighter shade like MAC blanc type.  In addition, the following techniques also work wonder for adding depth and definition to my eye looks.

1. apply a dark (black, brown, gray) colour that is very close to the lash lines

2. draw a winged eye liner

3. tight lining my eyes to make my eye lahses looking darker and fuller

4. apply the darkest colour on/close to my outer lower lash line ( I wasn’t a huge fan of a smoked out lower lash line, however, it is growing on me)

5. draw fuller brows



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I hope this post will help some of you if you are just starting out in eye makeup, having hooded eyes like me or just interested in eye makeup in general.

Thanks for reading.


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