Japanese Beauty Secrets


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I have been obsessed about how amazing Japanese women’s skin can be! I hear they take care of their skin and hair meticulously. Traditional Japanese beauty products are simple and natural, made from things such as rice bran, seaweed, azuki beans and squalane oil and nuka rice bran.

Natural grains and mineral clays:


The Japanese women exfoliate the skin with natural grains and clays and also use sea algaeto detoxify the skin. Also,some herbs also form a part of skin skin detoxification.

Food habits:

Fibre rich foods like lean meats and others like leafy greens and fish enhance the beauty of the Japanese skin.


The practice of meditation, especially Zen and Reiki is very popular in Japan. This goes hand in hand with good food habits to get a natural glow on the skin.

Green tea:

Tea like Yomogi-cha and Biwa-cha and Adlay Millet Tea are used for beautifying the skin and fighting naturally against sun damage, age spots, infections, and skin lightening.



Slap the moisturiser:

Japanese women slap the face products on, rather than using fingers for application.Starting from the chin, pat the moisturiser upwards there by stimulating bloodflow
Nightingale Droppings Facial:

Geisha beauties have used it since 1600s and now it is being loved by celebs like Tom Cruise.

Shiro Nuka:

This is a rice bran mask made using the soft inner layer of rice bran.This mask is used every week to lighten blemishes and tone skin. This rice bran mask is rich in Pectin which aids skin cells renewal.

Seaweed hair cleanser:

The seaweed hair cleanser is rich calcium, magnesium and iron and is made of seaweed powder that can be mixed with water to product a gel-like cleanser. This conditions and moisturizes scalp and needless to say is chemical free too.This also helps in hair loss and poor hair growth.

Camellia Oil:

Camellia oil is used as post hair wash conditioner and applied to damp hair to prevent moisture loss.This softens the hair due to the fatty acid present in the oil and coats the hair to protect it from environmental damage.
wooden combs
Wooden combs:

I have been so wanting to get some authentic wooden combs like so. Tsuge wood combs have polished seamless teeth and help to distribute hair’s natural oils with the wooden teeth that pick up the oils off the scalp and re-distribute the oil. Such wooden combs helps hair stay tangle-free and more manageable by damaging them less.

Apart from these tips, a lot of vitamin C and sea veggies are incorporated in the diet.Oriental herbs are used to treat burns and acne and more and more natural ingredients like beans, rice bran and oils are made use of rather than chemical-laden products. Most important, they stay out of the harmful sun rays by using sunscreens.

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