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The latest look is messy mascara – this looks like sloppiness



We’ve seen quite a few weird beauty trends lately (think dyed armpit hair and deliberately grey strands), but the newest make-up craze has really stumped me.

I’m talking about messy mascara, a rather strange look that’s been popping up at Milan Fashion Week.

Even the most seasoned make-up artists are purposely making the models’ mascara look like it’s been smudged. From our end, it looks like the product of pure laziness, as if they’ve simply forgotten the right way to apply it.

Case in point: Roberto Cavali, where make-up artist Petros Petrohilos nonchalantly let the mascara wand brush the skin as he coated the models’ bottom lashes with MAC Extended Play Lash mascara to add “intensity to the eye”.

Roberto Cavali mascara

Meanwhile, at Fendi, Peter Philips took the look to the next level – not only swiping mascara on the girls’ eyelids while applying it, but also enhancing the marks by darkening and extending them with liquid liner.

Fendi mascara

Finally, at Versace, make-up guru Pat McGrath created a similar effect not with mascara, but by rimming the inner rims and the lashes with a thick line of black pencil and smudging it using a cotton swab with wild abandon. Apparently, Donatella loved that the black bled a bit and wasn’t picture-perfect. Interesting.

Versace mascara

Personally, I love the look of a slightly smudged smoky eye – but I’d prefer to get it using more traditional tools (aka a kohl pencil and eyeshadow) rather than my precious Lancôme Gradiôise mascara. Save your wand for your lashes, people!

Source : Beauty Heaven


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