11 Piece Set

Great Portrait Artists - Da Vinci, Van Dyck, Whistler ........................ and YOU!

Today, cosmetics provide unparalleled opportunity to create truly artistic and flattering portraits. Unfortunately, no matter the quality of the cosmetics,
the overall effect is often spoilt by poor application.
There is a solution:

The Featherstroke Complete Makeup Brush Set

This must-have set consists of the 11 essential brushes needed to create your perfect portrait and achieve a flawless and professional finish.

Optimal cosmetic pick-up, even application and blending are simplified by the combination of natural hair and synthetic bristles. Precise application is easy, as the brushes are individually designer shaped and trimmed. Application is an effortless pleasure, as the wooden handles are ergonomically shaped and easy to hold.

The set is convenient for easy access, storage and portability, being presented in a stylish, attractive, easy to clean pouch.

Product Features

* All 11 brushes needed to create a defined, complete, flawless finish
* Designer shaped and trimmed for precise application
* Soft but durable brushes with a combination of natural hair and synthetic bristles for optimal cosmetic application and blending
* Ergonomically shaped wooden handles for ease of use
* Presented in an elegantly tailored, PU pouch
* FREE video tutorial on the use of the set and makeup hints and tips

The Featherstroke Complete Makeup Brush Set


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Product Description

To make the most of your makeup it is desirable to have a variety of tools at your disposal. The Complete Cosmetic Brush Set can not only save time in creating the right look, but allows you to experiment with different applications. The key to makeup is blending, and to achieve this, a set of good quality brushes is fundamental. The Complete Set contains the 11 essential brushes that give you the experience of working with a blank canvas to produce a perfect portrait of your face and achieve a flawless result.

This set consists of:

The 11 brushes comprising the Featherstroke's Complete Makeup Brush Set







1. Eyeliner Brush

Eye Lash Line

Used to apply liquid or cream eyeliner.  The tip of the brush presses firmly but softly onto the lid and lash line and allows precise application  to create an even, flawless line.

Also used to accurately apply lip liner to the lips.

Easy to hold,  thin synthetic hair brush  - ending in a point


2. Oblique Eyebrow Brush


The angled tip  provides ideal application for a smoother, natural look.

Used to shape and groom the eyebrows, to define and add “fill” to bald spots in eyebrows.  also used to direct hairs in order to give a cleaner appearance and shape to the face.

Essential for blending eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder.

Also used as an eyeliner  to create a cat-eye effect using liquid eyeliner.

Synthetic hair brush with a firm, angled tip


3. Small Round Eyeshadow Brush


This is a versatile brush and can also be used for highlighting the eyes, remembering to blend the eyeshadow in so it does not look too bold.

Ideal for applying small amounts of eye shadow at a time.

Small, natural hair brush with rounded end


4. Tapered Eyeshadow Brush

Crease of the Eyelid

Used for applying, mid-tone,  powder or cream eyeshadow  to the area between the eyebrow and eyelid.

 As this is a resilient, versatile brush it can also be used as a lip brush for applying lipstick evenly across the lips.

Tapered, flat, synthetic hair brush


5. Large Highlight Eyeshadow Brush


Ideal for applying highlighting eyeshadow across the eyelid and over the brow bone.

Also used for  evenly packing a darker color  half way onto the eyelid - remembering not to rub the color in - which is then blended in to give a more even look.

Large, Flat,  natural hair  brush


6. Medium Eyeshadow Brush


Ideal for applying, shading and blending eyeshadow onto the eyelid.

When blending, go over all the creases, wherever you can see the color coming in.  The aim being to blend all the colors until it all looks like one color blending from light to dark.

Separate brushes should be used for different eyeshadow colours.

Medium, rounded, natural hair brush


7. Angular Contour Brush

Target areas that benefit from highlighting such as cheeks and forehead

Used with bronzer, blush, foundation, concealer and highlighters in order to enhance and define features as well as for expert cheek contouring.

Contouring can make cheek bones stand out by applying bronzer under the cheekbones, making the face look slimmer.

By applying darker bronzing powder, contouring can change the way shape is perceived. 

Blush should be swept onto the apples of the cheeks for a natural glow. 

Large, oblong,  natural hair brush with a buffed edge that is soft and firmly bundled


8. Foundation Brush

Whole Face

Used to apply, distribute and blend the foundation into all areas of the face.

Creates a smooth, even finish and flawless ‘airbrushed’ look.

The application of the foundation  does not have to be perfect - just evenly distribute onto the face - which produces a smooth look without wasting or using too much makeup.

Large, flat,  synthetic hair brush with long flat bristles


9. Blush Brush


Used to add color or bronzer specifically to the cheeks.  The dome shape is best for applying blush as the colour will be darker in the centre and blended as the bristles spread outwards.

Can also be used as a bronzer brush for applying smaller amounts of product onto the face as well as contouring.

Large, flat brush arranged in a dome shape with tapered bristles. Combination of synthetic and natural hair.


10. Foundation or Stippling Brush (Multi-Function Brush)

Whole Face

Used for a smooth application covering pores to achieve a flawless and natural base.

This brush works with the contour of the face and jaw line to smoothly blend and buff the makeup.

Blend using a circular motion, including the neck and ear areas.

Large, flat brush with a combination of synthetic and natural hair.


11. Powder Brush

Whole Face

Applies loose or pressed powder  all over the face to set foundation makeup.

This brush spreads the product evenly over the face and the coat can be as light or as heavy as required.

The brush can also be used for blusher or bronzer onto the face to add a little color - using a figure three - which gives a slimmer line to the face.

Large, fluffy brush made with natural hair

Order NOW and look forward to enjoying the confidence of

'just knowing' that your grooming  is of a superior standard.

RISK FREE! 30 Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee


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and be on your way to becoming an exceptional makeup artist!