Makeup Mistakes to Avoid


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Tips for a Flawless Face

I know there’s probably been a time in your life when you’ve looked back over your Facebook photos and cringed at the sight of your own face. I think we are all guilty of this. What with going out in turbo-tan foundation/face full of makeup/blush that took over my whole cheek? There are those types of mistakes and then there are the ones that you might be still doing every day without even realizing it.

30 Makeup  Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Along with these makeup mistakes there are also easy fixes.


Makeup mistakes - imageWearing the Wrong Shade Of Foundation

We all do it one point or another. Choose two shades that come closest to your skin tone, apply each of them to your jawline, and then go outside to natural light and look in a mirror.

Applying Makeup To Dry Skin

This is a huge no-no. You should be exfoliating once a week because applying foundation onto dry skin will accentuate flakiness, and it will sit on the top of your face instead of blending in.

Letting Tired Eyes Give You Away

Makeup mistakes 1 - image


There are easy tricks for this.  Use a pencil on your water line (the watery, inner rim of your eyelid) to brighten up your eyes and remove any redness.  If you’re fair, use a white or cream pencil.  Medium-skin girls can use a nude liner whereas olive skin could try a gold pencil for brightening. Dark-skin types can try a dark brown eyeliner.

Find the Right Concealer. The shade should be slightly warmer, not lighter, than your natural skin tone. Swipe a few options under your eyes—the best match will disappear completely into your skin. A formula that comes in a pot gives the fullest coverage, a concealer stick more moderate coverage, and a sponge-tipped wand the least.

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Makeup Mistakes to Avoid +Tips for a Flawless Face

Watch this video NOW to see the difference between the right and wrong way to apply makeup.

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