Makeup Mistakes


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Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Let’s be honest, we’re not perfect and we have all made makeup mistakes.

It would make sense to store your makeup in the bathroom; this is where most people get ready. However, storing makeup in the bathroom where you take showers will not only dry out and ruin your product, it can also make products more prone to collecting bacteria. Humidity is bacteria’s best friend, so store your makeup and makeup brushes in a cool, dry area to prevent ruining product and spreading bacteria on your face.


All makeup has an expiration date; it’s just that every product is different due to their uses and how sustainable they are.

Makeup Mistakes That Do Not Flatter Women

Primer problems.

If your primer isn’t a good match for your skin, you would probably be better off not even wearing it.

Fake eyelashes should be subtle.

Save the ridiculous fake stuff for Halloween.

Eyeshadow abuse.

Resist the urge!

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