Makeup That Applies Itself?


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The Age of Sci-fi Makeup?

Imagine being able to programme in several different makeup styles that allow you to change your look throughout the day …… without re-applying any makeup at all.Beautiful makeup 3 - image

Imagine just slapping makeup on that would instantly rearrange itself.  This would take seconds but look like you have spent hours on it.


Intelligent Cosmetics

The make-up that refuses to smudge: Intelligent cosmetics could allow wearer to change from daytime to evening glamour at touch of a button

The wearer will be able to change her look at the press of a button

Smudge Free makeup - image


Imagine smudge free makeup!!!

Experts say that within as little as five years’ time, it will be possible to buy intelligent make-up that arranges itself on the face, takes just seconds to apply and refuses to smudge.


Click here for more amazing facts on intelligent makeup and see how this will be done

Source : Mailonline


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