Makeup Trends To Avoid


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Understanding Makeup Trends

Most of us admire celebrities and the glamour surrounding their lifestyles.  When it comes to the makeup that their makeup artists create we try and imagine that this is their everyday look.  Makeup trends normally follow a certain look inspired by certain looks created by makeup artists.

When it comes to applying makeup the general rule is that there is no rule but that you must wear whatever you are comfortable with and what enhances your natural beauty.


Makeup Trends We Hope Never Come Back – by Wayne Goss

Too much foundation - image



There’s a reason zombies are so frightening. Things that are dead should stay dead. Maybe that’s why it’s so shocking when someone sports a dead trend. If it’s not trending anymore, there’s probably a good reason. The following are makeup styles we can only hope will never rise from the dead to make their comeback. (Plus some trends we hope die a swift death as soon as possible!)

Brown Lip Liner

Brown Lip Liner - image


This ’90s trend just makes you look like you forgot to wipe your mouth after eating a chocolate bar.



Instagram eyebrows - image


We all know how Wayne feels about these faded brows. Even though they’re still going strong, we hope they bow out of popular culture very soon.



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