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Pale-skin problems solved


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Great tips for fair skinned beauties


Hey there fair friend! Jamie King, Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson and I welcome you.

As I’m sure you’re well aware there are many positives to being a porcelain beauty: berry lipstick looks fantastic on you, your skin tends to look younger, and you make a convincing Daenerys from Game of Thrones at dress-up parties.


But there are some perils of having paler skin. So read on to ensure you’re not falling for any of these beauty blunders.


Pale girl problem #1 TANNING

Just because you’re on the fairer side of the skin tone spectrum, doesn’t mean you can’t channel a little bronze glow every now and then. You just have to be smart about it and choosing the darkest tan in a range ISN’T smart. A dark shade of tan won’t turn you into a chocolate goddess, but instead the orange pigments will become more prominent against your skin. Result: Oompa Loompa. So stick to the lighter shade in the range and apply light layers.

Try: Bondi Sands Self Tanning Lotion Light/Medium and TanOrganic.


Pale girl problem #2 BRONZER

No matter how many times you try to achieve a ‘natural looking glow’ using bronzer, it often looks far from it. Instead, learn to embrace blush. Us paler beings are lucky to have a skin tone that allows almost every shade to show up. From the sheerest of pinks to shimmery peaches, embrace the ability to look rosy-cheeked year round and ditch the bronzer that will never be your friend.

Try: Natio Blusher in Peach Glow and Mirenesse Marble Mineral Blush Face Powder.  


Pale girl problem #3 :LIGHT NECK & CHEST

Finally, a foundation that doesn’t make you look ill! But don’t forget the crucial step of blending your new fave shade into your neck and chest. Because if your foundation has altered the skin tone of your face, chances are it’s no longer going to match these areas and the contrast will only enhance paler skin. Alternatively, if you wear make-up every day and find this to be a waste of make-up, use a light gradual tanner on your chest so that less make-up is needed.

Try: Tuscan Tan™ Gradual Self Tan Milk and Le Tan SPF15 Daily Glow.


Pale girl problem #4 NUDE LIPS

Oh yes, this 90’s trend is back. And as tempting as you may find it in the next couple months I urge you my fair friends, steer clear. Because do you know what happens when you mix nude lips with pale skin? The frozen bodies at the end of Titanic – that’s what happens. We are the lucky ones who can pull off the boldest reds, the brightest berries and the prettiest of pinks, so let’s stick to that yeah? Unless Emma Stone does it, then I guess it’s okay…

Try: ModelCo Party Proof Matte Cream Lipstick in Bimbo and NYX Cosmetics Creamy Round Lipstick in Snow White.

What is your favourite make-up look for pale skin? Who is your favourite fair skinned celebrity?

Source : Beauty Heaven

In-Depth Makeup Tutorial for PALE SKIN!


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