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The Featherstroke Complete Makeup Brush Set


Leonie :

Beautifully packaged makeup brushes of exceptional quality that rivals that of professional brands at a fraction of the price.

My favourite brush has to be the Foundation Brush which applies base flawlessly and evenly.  The Eyeliner Brush is thin and allows accurate application of eyeliner and the Oblique Eyebrow Brush perfectly shapes my eyebrows leading to a finished all round look.

After being introduced to Featherstroke, I will never waste my money on another set of makeup brushes again.


Jess - Dolce Vita Beauty Centre :

LOVE THIS!  These brushes are to die for!  They are super quality brushes and so soft.  Best part is the hairs don't fall out!!!!  It's so hard to find brushes that hairs don't fall out but finally I've found them!!  I highly recommend this set to every woman out there!!


Wayne Cumming - :

Featherstroke Brushes are soft, durable, and well-made. I love that Featherstroke has the entire range in one pack with brushes for every application not to mention the PERFECT roll up pouch for easy traveling.

Being a Male performer (Singer/Songwriter), I have not used all the brushes yet however there are particularly a few brushes that caught my eye and had to try out.

The Featherstroke No. 1 Brush (Eyeliner Bruch)

This brush is amazing. I have used this brush with liquid eyeliner and have never seen such a clean finish. I was a little skeptical with it being synthetic hair however it proved me wrong. This brush works like a charm with little or no mess.

The Featherstroke No. 8 Brush (Angular Contour Brush)

I prefer using this particular brush to apply concealer. So not really its intended purpose however this could be one of the best brushes in the set. The fibers of this brush are soft but firm and allow me a perfect finish to conceal under my eyes with ease and without hurting the sensitive skin under the  eye.

The Featherstroke No. 9 Brush (Blush Brush)

Having used a plethora of blush brushes during my career, I have not yet used a brush of this quality. This brush is revolutionary. Most blush brushes leave a very distinct application of blush and not a natural looking deposit.The Featherstroke is not like that at all.It’s an incredibly soft bristled brush, and it does have some give, but it is still firm. The smaller size of this blush brush relative to other popular blush brushes makes it easier to control where you apply your blush, and it also picks up a good amount of color and deposits it on your cheek evenly without eating it up.

The Featherstroke No. 11 (Powder Brush)

During a performance, the last this you have time for is to reapply makeup. I find applying a setting powder after each instance on stage keeps your make up looking fresh.

This brush is perfect for that application.

Having used the Featherstroke No. 11 for some time now and I’m super thrilled with this brush. It picks up powder superbly and again, deposits the powder evenly.

The Featherstroke No. 10 (Foundation Brush)

This brush is most definitely, for me, the most amazing brush in this complete set.

Being on stage 6 nights a week and using make up all the time I have never applied foundation with such ease. This brush has the most amazing combination of both synthetic and natural hair and has cut my foundation application time in half.

The best part is, I have used this brush with a few types of foundation and have found a Photoshop finish every time.

This brush is certainly my favorite from the set.

All in all, the set can be summed up in one word. FLAWLESS.

The brushes come is the most amazing roll up bag and is easy for traveling. The bag is also easily cleaned once you remove the brushes. The brushes themselves are aesthetically pleasing. The black base handle and silver finish give the set an amazing look of absolute expense without killing your pocket.

The quality can only speak for itself. Having used many other competitors brands, I found that with extensive use the brushes got old and bristles didn’t last too long even with cleansing them regularly however with The Featherstroke brush set I have not had that issue. I have cleaned my brushes and every time they feel brand new and deliver flawless makeup.

A huge Thank You to Featherstroke for creating a product that can withstand the intensive abuse to the brushes due to my career and last.

If these brushes can stand the constant use of a Male singer/songwriter being on stage constantly then I recommend them to anyone using makeup. Be it an average person applying makeup every so often or a makeup artist using the brushes constantly like I do. They are simply amazing.


OUTSTANDING  Complete -  Essential Brushes with Pouch

This is the best set of brushes I have ever used.  These brushes not only look professional but are top quality and do not shed.   They compare with certain top brands of brushes but are very reasonably priced.  This set is extremely good value for money. These 11, perfectly designed and shaped, brushes are all I will ever need.  I am now able to create my perfect portrait and achieve a professional and flawless finish. The pouch that these brushes are housed in is stylish and chic and ideal for storage and travelling.  Featherstroke certainly knows what brush sets work.  I will be giving this set to my friends as gifts in the future.

Jenny Janse Van Vuuren:

The Featherstroke Complete Makeup Brush Set is a must have for both home and professional use.  I found the packaging to be attractive yet compact.  The range of brushes is comprehensive.  The quality of the brushes allows for the application of a perfect finish applying the product efficiently and accurately. Unlike many brushes on the market I found that there was no “hair shed” so that a flawless look could be attained without the residue of loose hairs. Each brush is comfortable to hold and easy to clean.  Recently used in a stage production of Alice in Wonderland, it stood the acid test of surviving a rainbow of colour applications and cleaned off to look brand new after the production. An all-round fabulous product that would be “bacon wrapped” if a lipstick brush were to be added to the set. 



The Featherstroke Compact Makeup Brush Set


Beautifully packaged and ideally compact brush set.  Even though  the set is small and compact, the quality of the brushes is not compromised.

Thanks to the mirror inside the pouch, I can apply or touch up my makeup at any time whilst still being as discreet as possible.

This brush set is a must-have in any handbag!


Jess - Dolce Vita Beauty Centre :

This little set is the handiest thing in my handbag.  And I have a lot of things in my handbag.  It's cute, it's small and it has just the right brushes you need for on the go.  Best thing about them is they are the perfect size to fit into your bag with a handy little mirror and compact case.  I love, love, love this set and definitely recommend it!



EXCEPTIONAL  Compact Brush Set by Featherstroke

What a treat - I am so happy with this compact set of brushes.  The quality is great and they are perfect for touching up my makeup during my busy day. The mirrored pouch is the ideal size for my purse.

This Compact Brush Set is stylish yet completely practical - and I love the Featherstroke logo on each brush.


Jenny Janse Van Vuuren:

I found five piece Featherstroke Compact Brush Set to be perfect for both my purse and my briefcase to ensure that my makeup stays picture perfect all day.  In addition, the range of brushes and neat packaging make the product an ideal companion for travelling.  The product is attractive and easy to use and clean.  The quality of the brushes ensures that my makeup is applied easily and evenly.   If purchased with Featherstroke Ultimate Big Brush Set, I am ensured of having a brush for every type of application.




 The Featherstroke Ultimate Big Makeup Brush Set


Leonie :

Elegantly packaged in an eye catching black cylinder case.  The exceptional quality of the brushes inside are once again true to Featherstroke standards.

This beautiful set would make an ideal gift and further purchase of Featherstroke brushes would be virtually guaranteed, as in my opinion, once you have used these brushes, no other will be good enough anymore!

The Ultimate Bug Brush Set is also ideal for travelling as the elegant stylish cylinder is sturdy and will protect our precious brushes.

 Jess - Dolce Vita Beauty Centre :

This is is by far my most favourite set that I have ever bough!  I absolutely love big brushes and especially ones where the hairs don't fall out!  These are perfect for Blush, Blending and Contouring the face and they are definitely a MUST  for your kit!  Highly recommend this set!


EXTRAORDINARY Big Brush Set by Featherstroke

I love my Big Brush Set - these are now my most used brushes.  These brushes  look exceptionally professional  and are of the highest quality - and I love the Featherstroke  logo on each brush.    I now feel more confident in applying my makeup and these brushes enable me to  create my perfect canvas.

The stylish cylinder case that the brushes are housed in is not only top quality but also  practical and functional - and is ideal for travelling. This set is truly amazing  -  well done Featherstroke!

 Jenny Janse Van Vuuren:

To ensure a flawless finish, I spend as much time preparing a blank canvas as I do applying the drama of colour to my eyes or lips.  The Featherstroke Ultimate Big Bag Set is without doubt my best friend.  This four piece set allows for the application of foundation, powder and blush as well as for the blending of these items to ensure a seamless, well blended, professional and natural canvas with no hint of a line on the jaw line.  The brushes are easy to use and well designed to make this preparation stage of making up the face easy.  Attractively packaged the brushes are well protected and easy to pack into a suitcase when I am travelling.  I have also found them easy to wash.




The Featherstroke Luxury Eye Makeup Brush Set


This luxury eye makeup 10 brush set is the ultimate in eye brushes, with everything you would need to achieve a professional look. I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, and I have subsequently recommended this product to family and friends. The brushes come in a wonderful roll-able pouch that is so easy to transport. The small angled brush and the angled, flat definer brush are both great for creating the perfect liner - especially nice to use with gel products. The eye shading brushes and the blending brushes all have a very soft luxurious feel, and precise application and blending is wonderfully easy. I also absolutely love the makeup tutorial videos on their website, very handy! It's an amazingly stunning product!


Ms L Bawden:

These brushes are by far the best I have ever used!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, and I can honestly say that I would not use any other brand of makeup brush! Smooth lines and flawless cover every time and to add to it, they live up to their name, they are soft as a feather!

I definitely recommend this product.


Elize and Nicole Simpson:

Investing in and using this product is a great solution to applying makeup.It has all the right makeup brushes and tools that help leave a flawless makeup look, and actually save you money in the long run. They are great value and quality. The brushes save on product and your appearance is more resilient.

My daughter and I have been using this product and have been amazed how soft the brushes are, we have experienced no shedding at all. The brushes are versatile and can used for any makeup look. The handles of the brush make it easy for application and blending of the eye makeup.

The pouch is compact, great quality and easy to maintain. Brushes stay organised making it easy to apply all facets of the makeup process.

It would be helpful if brushes indicate which application they are used for. All together this is a great purchase and I would highly recommend it.


Amber Livinsgstone:

I’ve always loved makeup, yet I’ve always been the person who only buys cheap brushes simply because I didn’t think they were worth it. Honestly I’m one of those people who purchases all of my brushes from the dollar store. So when I received this product I was expecting to be wowed and I really was!

I washed these brushes as instructed and allowed them to dry. The next day, I did my makeup as usual. While the instructions did say to expect some shedding, as it’s normal. I had no shedding at all from these brushes. These brushes seemed to make my makeup go on much smoother without all of the extra fuss I generally put in. Needless to say, I really do love them all. I now understand why so many people have told me I need to get better brushes!



I don't really do my makeup, but I have always wanted to learn how. When I talked to a friend, she said the first thing to start with would be a great brush set. Then I found this Makeup Brush Set by Featherstroke and thought that it would be perfect for me. I had a friend come over and she was even jealous because she loved my brushes so much. She did my makeup the first time and she said that the brushes are amazing. The are smooth and put the makeup on so evenly. I am very pleased with these brushes and I was lucky to hit gold on the first try. Everything from the pouch they come in to the handles, is 100% awesome!!

Christine Agin:

This beautiful set of brushes are wonderful. This comes in a lovely case and they are so easy to use .These brushes are wonderful and cleaning is simple.10 brushes means u won't need to purchase more. I love love love these.

Robert A:

I got this present for my fiancé. She's always wishing she could have some legit brushes for her make up. To my surprise this set is very professional looking. She's in love and has already spent hours practicing her make up and using it frequently when we go out. She basically does her own "professional" for free. Awesome product!


Susie Sunshine:

I love this makeup brush set. It takes several brushes to create different eye shadow looks and this set comes with everything I need. They are not cheap crummy brushes either. I could tell right away because the lash and brow is metal instead of plastic which makes a huge deal when trying to break of clumps in your mascara! That is probably my favorite tool in the kit but I also really love the blending brush because it really works great. I love the roll up case the brushes fit in. It was very easy to roll up my brushes and take them with me on vacation. I have washed my brushes once and so far have not had any of the bristles fall out. This eye makeup brush set was provided for my evaluation and review. It is definitely 5 stars!




The Featherstroke General Reviews

Dr Dorianne Green

I received these makeup brushes as a gift, what a wonderful surprise! They have made putting makeup on in the morning an absolute pleasure! I have always used the sponge-type applicators/brushes provided with my makeup and what a difference quality makes!

My makeup looks fresh, light and natural and I have been able to experiment due to the variety of wonderful brushes. I have received so many compliments from people who have noticed something is different.
The information leaflets that accompany the sets are amazing.
Don't hesitate! Treat yourself or a friend to a set!

Amy Sprawson - Makeup Artist

My name is Amy Sprawson. I am 28 years old and have been a make-up artist for the past 8 years. I have worked on television productions such as Egoli, The Wild, Erfsondes etc., and am currently running the make-up and hair department on the SABC 3 daily soap, Isidingo Mon-Fri. Over weekends, I specialize in bridal make-up and teach make-up courses.

As much as a make-up artist loves to try out new make-up products, it is easy for us to become set in our ways and have favourite products and utensils that  we like to use, so you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to try Featherstroke make-up brushes for the first time. I suddenly had a new favourite “have to have in my kit”!

The quality of the brush hair is competitive with all major retail make-up brands, if not better. The hair is luxuriously soft,  yet firm for application.  After using my Featherstroke brushes for the better part of a year, I am confident in saying that after cleaning them with isopropyl alcohol after each make-up application and with shampoo on a daily basis, the quality of the brushes has not deteriorated.   


When using the Featherstroke make up brushes I was definitely impressed. I absolutely love the quality of the brushes, as they are soft and show top quality. It feels like heaven on my face.  

The 11 piece kit comes with a beautiful roll up pouch and has everything you need. Who wouldn’t want flawless skin, glowing cheeks and eyes that really pop. All the brushes have made this possible for me. Each brush was made to precision and I have loved every single one of them.

The Compact Makeup Brush Set is great! I love the pouch with mirror, as I can touch up my makeup, wherever I go and I can simply pop it into my purse. The 5 brushes are of highest of quality and are super soft.

The Ultimate Big Brush Makeup Set is incredible. I absolutely love the multifunction brush, as I can get a perfect look. I love the cylinder case, as it is user friendly.

The brush sets are all affordable and they will definitely last a life time! The quality of the brushes, really stand to the name. I would definitely recommend Featherstroke to everyone I know!


I have recently acquired the Complete Featherstroke Makeup Brush Set.  As a fan of makeup and applying makeup every day (I will not step out of the house without makeup), I am thrilled to have my own set of these professional brushes.

Not only are the brushes and the packaging good to look at, they are beautiful to use.  Soft bristles that really do stroke your face when applying the foundation, powder and blush.  I find the shaped bristles create perfect lines when applying my blush. I have never used a foundation brush before and am now a convert.  How easy and effortlessly it is to apply the foundation with this brush and I love the finish.

My eyeshadow brush combinations give a professional finish to my eye makeup.  And at last I have evenly coloured and shaped eyebrows when I use my Oblique Eyebrow brush.

My Compact Makeup Brush Set that I carry in my handbag is ideal for touch ups during the day.

I am so happy with my set of Featherstroke brushes – the feel, the look and the end result.

Thank you Featherstroke for a true quality product.